Julia Dream: the fan-made animated video of Pink Floyd’s hidden gem

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The music of Pink Floyd has always stimulated the creativity of fans, who often see in their sounds a perfect accompaniment to different kinds or art. A clear example is a video that became viral some time ago, which put one next to the other Destino, the famous animated short movie created by Salvador Dalí for Walt Disney, and Time, one of Pink Floyd’s most beloved pieces. Here you can find everything about. What you see below, however, is another beautiful example of combination conceived by fans over internet: a video that collects a series of amateur animated short movies and shows the paintings, each one embedded inside the other, while the background plays Julia Dream, 1968 Pink Floyd’s single, one of their most dreamy works.

The single had not entered any of the band’s first albums, but was included afterwards in the collection Relics. Whereas the animated short movies of the video are collected from internet, you can find them listed in Youtube’s video credits. The beautiful thing is that each work involved gains a new life, thanks to Pink Floyd music. Matching music and images requires a special kind of sensitivity, and there is an added value which appears clear watching this video.

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