The Pixar Universe: a theory that connects all Pixar movies together

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Nowadays, Pixar is the real avant-garde of animation movies. Many masterpieces have been released under its wings and everybody, either teenager or adult, has seen at least one of their movies. It could be a classic like Toy Story, a more evolved example like Inside Out, one of those that make you cry like Up or Wall-E or one oriented to the little ones like Cars, there is no one still left who hasn’t seen a Pixar movie. But not everybody knows that there is an articulated theory, able to place all the movies produced by Pixar in one single universe: a single timeline in which each story represents only a small portion of a wider and more complex narration, that ranges from prehistoric times to the distant future.

The Pixar Theory-Timeline illustrated by Complex Magazine

This fascinating story takes the name of the Pixar Theory and collects all the films produced from 1995 to present. A theory that in recent times, thanks to the collaboration of thousands of users on the web, is assuming the appearance of a true literary phenomenon. The American blogger Jon Negroni, one of the first ones to share the story as well as one of its main supporters, wrote even a book about it and the news in a short time has spread around the world.

According to this theory, everything starts with Brave, a tale set in Middle Ages’ Scotland, where a young girl with long red hair has a conflicting relationship with her mother. Thanks to the magic of a witch met in the woods, the protagonist accidentally turns her mother into a bear. The supporters of the curious theory explain that this is the movie that introduces, for the first time, the magic in Pixar tales.

After this, over the centuries, animals and objects that the witch had experimented on have slowly evolved, generating a battle for power between humans, animals and machines. This moment will represent the keystone of the whole story, with movies like Ratatouille, Finding Nemo and Up exploring the conflict between animals and humans, and then stepping into a phase where machines are dominating the world, with movies like The Incredibles, Toy Story, Wall-E. Eventually the machines will win the conflict and humans will disappear, allowing first a renaissance of animals (A Bug’s Life) and then the birth of “hybrid” beings: Monsters & Co. The story obviously has an endless series of supporting elements (like Buy’n’Large brand, which appears in many Pixar movies) and a nice plot twist, according to which the little girl protagonist of Monsters & Co becomes the witch who travels in time on Brave.

A little confused, aren’t you? Don’t worry, here you can find a video that explains the whole theory, with scenes from the movies.

The Pixar Theory

Or you can find here a short but exhaustive timeline that explains step by step the Pixar Theory.

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