Salvador Dalí, Walt Disney and Pink Floyd: Destino, the short movie in a prog version

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At first glance it is not easy to find a common thread that links three names so ingenious and different at the same time as Walt Disney, Salvador Dalí and Pink Floyd. Yet the connection is there, and once you have identified it, it’s something that will hit you. Destino, the short film released by Walt Disney in 2003 was born in 1945 by the encounter between Disney and Dalí, from which an idea arose: merging the drawings of the Spanish artist and ideas of the American entrepreneur into a single animated short movie. As a result of the crisis in which the American production company entered at the end of World War II, the idea remained locked in a drawer and came back only recently.

You can find the short film above. But in a little different version, published on Youtube a while ago, with Pink’Floyd Time as soundtrack of the whole vision. An idea coming from a web user, that fits perfectly in many ways. Because there is a thin thread that binds Walt Disney, Dalí and Pink Floyd, a common feature that is present in the first and subtly pronounced in the works of the other two (just think about the figures in the Dalí’s paintings and Disney’s monsters). It is that sense of anguish and anxiety that wraps you subconsciously, like a subtle shadow, while looking at the works of those artists. This strange and formidable short takes the mind of the watcher in an anxious journey alongside a dancer, desperate for their beloved, in landscapes and surreal deserts, all accompanied by the voice and guitar of David Gilmour. Only for enthusiasts.



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