The 2023 Sotyktu commercial cast: who’s the Speedo Dad?

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Yes, you know what we are talking about. That commercial released by Sotyktu in 2023 is still viral for a reason: the brave choice of showing a dad in a speedo, revealing most of his body, and playing with his daughter while mom is hosting a conference. The ad has sparked a lengthy debate on the internet about who’s “hotter” in the cast: the pretty mom who works or the confident dad who takes care of the kid? People on the Internet are wondering who the actors are, and in this article, you’ll have some answers.

You can watch the complete 2023 Sotyktu commercial here on Sotyktu is a popular medicine for treating psoriasis, and the commercial was released in February 2023, showing a modern family who solved their skin problems and can now reveal their skin with no anxiety.

Sotyktu Commercial (2023)

The actor who plays the “Speedo Dad” in the cast of the 2023 Sotyktu commercial is Venezuelan actor Juan Carlos Liendo. Juan Carlos is an actor and TV host and has performed in many Latin American television projects over the last few years, like La Ley del Silencio and Love to Death. He recently played in Season 3 of Netflix’s series Luis Miguel and in Súbete a Mi Moto, the TV series on Amazon Prime Video.

However, the truth is that Juan Carlos Liendo has become a little icon of American TV thanks to his role as “Speedo Dad” in the Sotyktu commercial. Although his daughter in the spot doesn’t seem very enthusiastic about his outfit, the image of an adult man wearing a speedo with confidence, interpreting the stereotypical figure of a modern daddy, has hit a missing spot in today’s television. And the comments you see on Youtube or Twitter are all about him.

The most interesting part of that commercial is that the female friend and the daughter you see in the swimming pool are his real family, his Canadian wife, Sara Bynoe, and their real-life daughter Bella. Sara is also an actress and writer, you can find her here on Instagram.

There is the other side of the coin, sure, and the other half of the internet is actually in love with the pretty mom who holds the conference while dad is at the pool. Unfortunately, the actress’s name hasn’t circulated online yet, but as soon as more info is available, we will inform you here. Meanwhile, you can discover everything about Juan Carlos Liendo and follow his posts on his Instagram profile.

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