Sticking out your gyatt for rizzler: the song, lyrics & meaning

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A new cryptic trend emerged on TikTok in October 2023: a childish voice singing some lines full of words impossible to understand. At least apparently: “Sticking out your gyatt for rizzler” has a precise origin in a song that was already viral on TikTok, and the lyrics have a meaning that comes from the Internet slang used by the young generation. This article will recap cleanly the original song, how the parody became famous, the full lyrics, and their meaning. Let’s go.

Sticking out your gyatt for rizzler: the song, lyrics, meaning

The story of “Sticking out your gyatt for rizzler” includes a song that was viral already before the cryptic lines came up, and a set of made-up lyrics full of young expressions from Internet slang, each with a specific meaning that not everybody knows. Let’s start from the beginning: initially, it was a song that went viral on TikTok, Ecstacy by Suicidal Idol. You can find the original song below:


Suicidal Idol is an emerging artist that came up in 2011. Ecstasy is her debut song, released in 2011 but went viral on TikTok in July 2023. The song’s chorus provides the melody to the “Sticking out your gyatt for rizzler” trend: you can hear how the song sounds at its beginning. The original lyrics say:

I just wanna be your sweetheart (Buhguul)
F–king come here, give me your heart
Just you and me to infinity
I can’t f–king breathe, too much ecstasy

With this in mind, let’s virtually move to October 2023, when “Sticking out your gyatt for rizzler” emerged on TikTok. The first time it appeared was in this video posted on October 2, 2023, by TikTok creator ovp.9. You find it below, the original “Sticking out your gyatt for rizzler” video.

As you can hear, Suicidal Idol’s Ecstasy is playing in the background. Meanwhile, the creator is singing some lines with totally new words, and a short Fortnite clip takes shape before our eyes.

Here are the lyrics of “Sticking out your gyatt for rizzler,” as originally published.

Sticking out your gyatt for the rizzler
You’re so skibidi
You’re so fanum tax
I just wanna be your sigma
Freaking come here
Give me your Ohio

The song is expressed as a hilarious interpretation of a well-known track, like you would do when singing in the shower, replicating some music for which you don’t know the original lyrics. It’s basically a pure stream of consciousness. And the words that came out in the video are directly taken from the young Internet slang.

Given as granted that the lyrics in “Sticking out your gyatt for rizzler” have no structured meaning, we can discover the specific origin of every word in it as personal knowledge. Let’s go one by one:

  • “Gyatt”: according to Urban Dictionary, it’s an expression used on Twitch and TikTok when you see a curvy girl, intended as a shortened, modern version of “god damn.”
  • “Rizzler”: having “rizz” means being seductive, able to flirt and attract girls. One of the first to use this term was the Youtuber Kai Cenat, already in 2021 (you can read it in this tweet). A rizzler, therefore, is someone who has “rizz,” and can effectively flirt with others.
  • “Skibidi”: it’s a term made famous by another viral song we already analyzed on our pages, a track that got famous as the “skibidi bop bop yes yes” song on TikTok. It has completely no meaning, and it’s probably not even the term used by the original artist who published the song. The original song is Dom Dom Yes Yes by Biser King, and that line is just made out of onomatopoeia. In the lyrics under the original Youtube video, the artist spells that word as “shtibididob”: “Skibidi bop” was the way the rest of the world heard it.
  • “Fanum tax”: Fanum is a famous YouTuber with over 4 million subscribers. He often publishes videos with Kai Cenat. The “Fanum tax” is a term he made up to describe the tribute he demands when someone shows up with food: if there is food around, someone has to pay the “Fanum tax” and share that food with him. You can see how that works in this video, a collection of all the moments when Fanum stole Kai Cenat’s food on live streaming.
  • “Sigma”: it refers to “sigma male,” a personality that stands next to “alpha males” and “beta males.” According to the slang dictionary, a sigma male is “a popular, successful, but highly independent and self-reliant man.” It represents a fascinating personality for modern generations.
  • “Ohio”: the midwestern state has recently become on TikTok a symbol for everything unusual and extraordinary that can happen in the world. “Only in Ohio” is an expression usually said when you see something bizarre and weird. It was already around in 2022. You can find an explanation of the “only in Ohio” expression here on Quora.

This way, you can build the full meaning of the lyrics in the “Sticking out your gyatt for rizzler” TikTok trend. Nothing meaningful comes out if you build all the pieces together as a puzzle: it’s just a free expression of modern slang words from a young creator who became famous in 2023. Indeed, many video creators reused his sound as a joke about how little kids are so good at saying complete sentences with no real meaning.

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