The 2004 news about Rebecca Loos & David Beckham

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It was one of the most sensational tabloid stories of 2004. The protagonist was David Beckham, the football star recently signed by Real Madrid, also famous for being husband to Victoria, one of the five Spice Girls. A story emerged again in 2023 after Netflix’s documentary Beckham: David’s alleged affair with Rebecca Loos, David’s personal assistant in those months. Although David Beckham always denied it, Rebecca Loos became the protagonist of many pieces of news in those months, claiming she had sex with him multiple times. And now, almost 20 years later, it’s worth reading the information published in those days and more recently, to understand how the story really looked. Let’s discover them together,

You can watch the official trailer for Netflix’s documentary Beckham here on Youtube.

The 2004 news about Rebecca Loos & David Beckham

In 2004, the news universe exploded with a story about the alleged affair David Beckham had with Rebecca Loos. The affair was never proven or confirmed by Beckham, but Rebecca spoke about it many times in interviews and in the reality shows she participated in.

In those days, David Beckham was playing his first football season in Real Madrid. David recently moved to Madrid, but Victoria didn’t follow him. According to what the protagonists explained in Netflix’s documentary, it was a complicated period for both. The accusations that came up in the newspapers in those days represented one of the most challenging moments of their marriage.

Although almost 20 years have passed, some news is still available on the Internet, talking about Rebecca Loos, David Beckham, and how they allegedly cheated. One of those is this article published by BBC in April 2004, announcing that Rebecca Loos would release an exclusive interview with the newspaper News Of The World, revealing the truth about the affair she claimed to have with David Beckham. That interview will become the biggest story ever covered by The News of the World. As Rebecca Loos admitted, the newspaper paid ÂŁ300,000 to have the exclusive interview.

News of the World was a Sunday tabloid newspaper available in the United Kingdom for many years. You can discover more about it on Wikipedia: it was initially founded in 1843, and since 1969, it has been owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Limited. It was forced to shut down in 2011 after a scandal revealed how they were often hacking phones owned by public personalities.

In 2015, The Guardian published this piece of news where the former head of News of the World, Greg Miskiw, confirms they hacked David Beckham’s phone in the months when everybody talked about his alleged affair with Rebecca Loos. Miskiw said that Beckham’s voicemails were accessed “routinely, all the time, over and over again.” The assumption is that they sought evidence confirming the affair between David Beckham and Rebecca Loos. But since nothing was ever published as evidence, we can assume that News of the World never found proof of that affair.

This other article published by The Guardian in 2004 confirms that Rebecca Loos released her interview with News of the World, admitting she had sex with David Beckham four times and was like Beckham’s “second wife.” According to The Guardian, Beckham described the claims as “ludicrous.”

David Beckham and Victoria survived that challenging period: they are still married and have four children today. Meanwhile, Rebecca Loos is now a mother of two sons and works as a yoga teacher.

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