What’s the song in the 2023 YETI commercial?

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A commercial took over people’s interests in social networks at the end of 2023: the one released by YETI Coolers, showing all the extreme activities you can do with the help of their products. You can easily understand why the commercial gets stuck in your mind. The background song is powerful; everybody wanted to know more about it: let’s discover it.

You can watch the 2023 YETI commercial here on iSpot.tv.

What’s the song in the 2023 YETI commercial?

The song featured in the 2023 YETI coolers commercial is Catch a Glimpse by Aaron Ross & The Peach Leaves. You can listen to it in full streaming in the official video at the end of this article.

The song was released in 2021 and remained under the radar for months. Aaron Ross is a rock musician who’s been active for years, here collaborating with Nevada City’s band Farrow and the Peach Leaves. Both are well-renowned music acts in Northern California, and Catch a Glimpse was the first single from the album they released together in 2021, Swan Songs Vol. 1.

It’s a powerful rock song that highlights the sound of guitars and their love for classic rock music. Aaron Roos has proudly mentioned Bob Dylan and The Kinks among his biggest influences, and you can surely hear the mood of rock’s golden age in his music.

It’s a perfect example of how a commercial can give a song the attention it deserves: since the YETI commercial aired in 2023, more and more viewers got to know the track and had the chance to appreciate its beauty. The comment section under their video is full of users who admit they only discovered this song through that commercial. And after all, all’s well that ends well.

Aaron Ross & The Peach Leaves - Catch a Glimpse Official Music Video

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