The two actors in the new 2023 Liberty Mutual commercial

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They are not new faces, that’s obvious. If you paid enough attention to the ads released by Liberty Mutual in the last few years, you’ll surely know them both. But seeing them together on the stage in the new commercial released in September 2023 made us laugh, we admit it. We have Doug, the well-known testimonial, and the character who became famous as Liberty’s “struggling actor.” And there is Limu Emu, of course. Let’s discover a bit more about the actors, once and for all.

You can watch Replaced, the new Liberty Mutual commercial released in September 2023, at the end of this article.

The two actors in the new 2023 Liberty Mutual commercial

The two actors playing in the new Liberty Mutual commercial released in September 2023 are American actor David Hoffman (Doug) and Canadian actor Tanner Novlan (struggling actor). They are both well-renowned characters of Liberty Mutual’s advertising campaigns: Doug is the primary testimonial in all commercials released in the last few years, and the struggling actor has also appeared many times since 2019.

David Hoffman began playing Doug for Liberty Mutual in 2019: you can watch the commercial released in February 2019 here on Doug is a funny character who is always involved in hilarious situations with Limu Emu, the animal that makes everything more chaotic. He started his acting career in 2006 and interpreted many commercials before landing at Liberty Mutual as their primary testimonial. You can find more about his career on his official website, where he proudly mentions his presence in the Liberty Mutual commercials as one of the main roles of his life. As an actor, he also appeared as a guest in series like Castle, Bones, I Live with Models, and There’s… Johnny!

Tanner Novlan is also known for his work in television and has appeared in several popular shows. He gained notable recognition for his role as Dr. John ‘Finn’ Finnegan on the long-running soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. He’s also known for TV series like Roswell, New Mexico, Modern Family, and Letterkenny. His role as the struggling actor in the Liberty Mutual commercial campaigns began in 2019, and since then, the audience has just loved him. You can watch Bad Job, his 2019 Liberty Mutual commercial, here on

The new Liberty Mutual commercial released in September 2023 features both actors, David Hoffman and Tanner Novlan. The problem is that Doug, the primary testimonial, needs to play a part where “he’s crushed by a baby grand piano.” We can see the piano being prepared while he says those words and the fear in his eyes becomes apparent. Who’s going to be his stuntman? That’s when Tanner Novlan enters the stage. He’s very self-confident and totally ready to play his part. But he’s still unable to play his lines correctly: he can’t even say the name of the insurance, and he gives birth to a hilarious “Liberty Biberty.” Even when he sees Limu Emu, he calls it “Bibu.” And the cherry on top is when Doug complains that he doesn’t even have a mustache: the struggling actor promptly takes a fake mustache and sticks it on his face. All wrong, of course.

It’s an appreciated return, and both actors do a fantastic job in making the new Liberty Mutual commercial memorable: David Hoffman and Tanner Novlan are the couple in the advertising world for the last months of 2023.

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