Planning a hot tub holiday? Here are 5 things you should know

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Imagine a holiday where you can explore to your heart’s content, then return to your luxury accommodation to soak in the warm and bubbling waters of a hot tub.

Now you don’t just have to imagine it – you can make it a reality with a variety of hot tub holidays that can make your next getaway the best one yet!

But just before you embark on your next holiday adventure, here are five essential things that you should know when planning a hot tub holiday…

1. The right location

One of the first steps when it comes to planning your perfect hot tub holiday is setting the perfect location for you and your loved ones.

You can find a location across the UK that suits everything you could ever wish for in a hot tub holiday.

Here are a few that might stand out to you…

  • Wales – If you want a seaside holiday where you can then head back to your hot tub lodge to enjoy the jets and beautiful sea views, this one’s for you!
  • New Forest – If you’re into your woodland walks and then returning to your accommodation choice to soothe your muscles from all that walking, why not try a New Forest location?
  • Lincolnshire – For the fishing lovers out there or those who just love to enjoy the beauty of a lake, there are plenty of lakeside cabins with hot tubs to enjoy here!

2. They’re seasonal holidays

Yes. You read that right! Hot tub holidays are perfect for all of the seasons, so don’t let any change in weather put you off booking one.

You can enjoy the warmth of the sun and outdoor activities with a hot tub holiday where you might choose to spend the cooler summer evenings soaking in the tub. Or, you could bask in the winter sky and keep the warmth during a winter hot tub holiday.

And with all of the other seasons in between, you’re sure to find seasonal activities to suit how you experience your hot tub holiday!

Of course, remember to pack accordingly for all seasons, so you’re prepared for any weather changes that could happen!

3. Activities galore

With a hot tub holiday, there’s so much more than just the hot tub that you can explore – although it is one of the best parts!

Depending on the UK holiday park you choose, you can enjoy relaxing spa treatments, adventure playgrounds for the kids, as well as great on-site dining options, and so much more.

With such variety, it ensures that everyone can enjoy a UK getaway that they’ll want to return to for years to come!

4. Explore beyond the hot tub and holiday park

Not only can you explore everything that your holiday park has on-site, but you can also explore some great UK destinations!

With so many of these holiday parks being situated in the most beautiful UK locations, you’ll have so much to discover…

Take some time to immerse yourself in the local culture – take a bit into some local cuisine, and you might even find some hidden gems during your holiday!

After a long day of exploration, there’s nothing better than coming back to unwind in the hot tub!

5. Hot tub etiquette

Before you hop into the hot tub there are a few things to know about etiquette, but as they’re only minor, you’ll be in the tub before you know it!

  • Shower before you hop in to remove any oils or lotions
  • Soak for around 15–20-minute intervals, so you don’t overdo it with the heat
  • Avoid bringing any glass near or into the tub to prevent any accidents

With five of the top things you should know before planning a hot tub holiday, where in the UK will you be enjoying the soothing jets?