Olivia Rodrigo Apple commercial: the video shot on iPhone

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There are many ways to give birth to an effective commercial, and a sensational partnership is definitely one of them. It’s not the first time for Apple and Olivia Rodrigo, after all: the American singer has always been one of the first picks for Apple when it comes to promoting one of its new devices, and the iPhone 15 Pro announced together with Olivia Rodrigo’s new album was the perfect occasion. The idea was pretty impressive: the official video for Olivia’s Get Him Back was shot on an iPhone, becoming a commercial for the smartphone’s capabilities. Let’s see what happened.

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Olivia Rodrigo in the Apple commercial: the video shot on iPhone

September 2023 was the month when the iPhone 15 was announced, and the official music video for Get Him Back was released: as part of the partnership between Olivia Rodrigo and Apple, the video was shot on iPhone 15 Pro.

You can watch the official video for Olivia Rodrigo’s Get Him Back at the end of this article. The caption on YouTube proudly confirms that the music video was “shot on iPhone 15 Pro in collaboration with Apple.”

The song is the third single extracted from Olivia Rodrigo’s new album GUTS. Before that, the American singer already shared Vampire and Bad Idea Right?: both tracks have been analyzed by Auralcrave here and here.

Get Him Back is again a song about complicated romantic relationships. As often happens in her songs, Olivia reflects on her mixed feelings for the men who hurt her. In the lyrics, she mentions a boyfriend she was with for almost a year: they broke up after she caught him cheating, but she still misses how he makes her laugh, and a part of her wants him back. The central lyrics of the songs are symbolic of the double nature of things she wants to do with him:

I wanna key his car
I wanna make him lunch
I wanna break his heart
Then be the one to stitch it up
Wanna kiss his face
With an uppercut
I wanna meet his mom
Just to tell her her son sucks

The official video for Get Him Back was directed by Jack Begert, an experienced director who already shot videos for artists like Jack Harlow, SZA, and Doja Cat. He commented on the experience with these words:

For this video, we were doing a lot of advanced camera moves to create energy. I was really impressed with the quality of the footage. If you told me one year ago I would be shooting this video on an iPhone, I would have thought: “you are crazy.”

Apple published on Instagram a video showing the shootings behind the scenes, with the director explaining how things went: you can watch it here.

So the new iPhone 15 Pro camera is advanced enough to allow an entire music video like Get Him Back to be shot, and that represents a perfect commercial for Apple: Olivia Rodrigo offered an essential milestone of her career for a partnership that couldn’t have gone better.

Below is the official video for Olivia Rodrigo’s Get Him Back.

Olivia Rodrigo - get him back! (Official Video)

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