No One Will Save You explained: why the aliens let Brynn go

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Watching No One Will Save You, you surely have the sensation of seeing something unique. The particularity is that the 2023 horror movie has no dialogue, like few other examples in modern cinema (A Quiet Place was the other recent case). But it’s more than that: we see the aliens invading Earth, but the story is intertwined with the events that happened to Brynn, the protagonist. At some point, the aliens let her go, and a dreamy sequence marks the ending. People need to have it explained: what’s the meaning of the movie? Let’s understand it together.

You can watch the official trailer for No One Will Save You here on Youtube.

No One Will Save You explained: why the aliens let Brynn go

In No One Will Save You, the plot develops from Brynn’s point of view: the aliens are invading Earth, and most people are already controlled by the invaders through that little parasite living in their throats. However, a background story is related to Brynn: everybody in that town hates her for a precise reason.

We see Brynn living in complete isolation. The aliens are attacking her, and at some point, she even tries to ask for help from the police. However, when she enters the police station, she stands in front of Deputy Collins and his wife, and the wife spits on Brynn’s face. Why does everybody hate Brynn? The reason is explained in the ending of No One Will Save You: when she was younger, Brynn accidentally killed her best friend, Maude, attacking her with a rock during a confrontation. Maude was the daughter of the Collins spouses. Brynn was too young to be sentenced for the accident, so she kept living free in the community. But from that moment, everyone hates her as the responsible for Maude’s death.

Therefore, Brynn is experiencing the alien invasion in a challenging personal period while living in that town, hated by everyone. The aliens in No One Will Save You act in a unique way that needs to be explained: they attack Brynn many times, but it doesn’t seem they want to kill her. The aliens have great strength; they can even move objects and control Brynn’s movements, so it would be easy for them to kill her. But they don’t: their goal is to abduct them, as they did for all other people on Earth, controlling her through that parasite.

What happens at the ending of No One Will Save You? Brynn is abducted into the spaceship, and the aliens explore her memories. That’s how the aliens discover what Brynn did: they can see the accident, and they understand how the community isolated her, destined to live alone, talking to no one. From this point of view, the ending scene in No One Will Save You can be explained as a galactic trial, where the aliens judge Brynn and decide her fate.

Why do the aliens let her go? We can interpret this as the aliens’ verdict. The invaders started to relate to Brynn’s feelings. From a certain point of view, we can say that Brynn was already living like an alien on Earth. After a short, unintelligible conversation, the aliens decide to let Brynn go on Earth. Somehow, Brynn feels relieved by their decision. After being “discharged” from the aliens’ verdict, she can better deal with her conscience now.

In the ending sequence, we see Brynn living in a dreamy community, dancing with the others, enjoying life. That’s not a dream: it’s happening because aliens now control all Earth’s inhabitants. And since they are no longer humans, they don’t hate her anymore. To some extent, Brynn is living a surprising second life: she’s completely integrated into the new, alien world, esteemed and beloved by all alien creatures now populating Earth. The beautiful smile on her face at the ending of No One Will Save You is now explained: Brynn finally overcame her guilt for Maude’s death, and she lives a new life surrounded by aliens who love her.

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