Kristen Vaganos, the 2023 Opzelura commercial actress

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Sometimes, a pretty face and a pleasant voice are more than enough to make a commercial memorable. The ad released by Opzelura Cream in July 2023 is simple and effective: a beautiful actress talking about the benefits of this product, showing herself in daily situations we can all relate to. Up to the point that many wanted to know who the testimonial is: her name is Kristen Vaganos, and today, we are going to discover more about her.

You can watch “Imagine this,” the 2023 Opzelura commercial, at the end of this article.

Kristen Vaganos, the actress in the 2023 Opzelura commercial

The actress in the 2023 Opzelura commercial is the American actress Kristen Vaganos.

Kristen has been active in the movie industry for years and starred in several movies and TV shows. She’s mostly known as Lisa in the 2020 horror movie I Am Lisa: you can find her in the official trailer here. Among other productions, she was the protagonist of the 2021 thriller Obsessed with the Babysitter, and she also played in the Amazon Prime series Bulge Bracket​.

In her Instagram profile, she’s proud to say that she doesn’t like talking about herself with an official bio. But you can discover more about her on her official website, whereas here on Vimeo Kristen Vaganos shows all the ads she interpreted in the last few years, in her commercial reel, proudly starting from the 2023 Opzelura commercial. You can follow her career among movies and TV shows on her official page on IMDb.

A fresh, expressive face showing confidence: the 2023 Opzelura commercial surely picked the perfect actress for their needs.

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