Three critical factors to consider when predicting football results

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If you want to make a profit from wagering, then you should definitely put aside your faith in luck! It is necessary to analyze various aspects of an event prior to deciding to put your money on a bet.

Football betting, although the most widespread market found in the top bookmakers -such as the best Spanish betting sites, is also a very challenging and complicated market for punters. This is because football is not an easily predictable sport, plus it has so many different factors that get to interplay in the final result and outcome of a football match, that it is very difficult to make sure that we, as bettors, have considered all the possible parameters so as to make a data-driven and informed pick. 

But we can take into account at least some of the most critical factors, whose impact on any football match is substantial. Three such fundamental things to consider before we place any bet in an upcoming match that we are interested in are: motivation, calendar and line-ups.

Let’s see them in more detail. 

The significance of motivation

Motivation is everything. It is everything for nearly anything in our lives, even our betting decisions. You can easily understand this, as you are often intrigued and attracted to incentives and bonuses provided by bookmakers, aimed at motivating you to place wagers. 

Motivation is also everything when it comes to competitive sports as well. In football, just as in every other game, the will to win is probably the most critical driving factor following the skills and the competencies of players. 

The degree to which a club is motivated to win in football, will influence both their game and their potential for winning the match in the end. In football betting, putting your money on a match that is not very significant  – in the sense that it won’t determine whether a club will qualify to the next round of a big league, let’s say – is very difficult, because you are never sure whether the players will be 100% right there in the field. Such a match can’t really guarantee that players are fully motivated and this will probably be felt in their performance. 

Meanwhile, in such a match the possible rotation may make things even more complicated. Given that managers will certainly want to preserve their best footballers for bigger upcoming matches, it is very likely that they will bring at the forefront players who are not as good as the big talents. 

Having the top players rested is critical for a club’s entire campaign. So, managers are going to ensure that their key footballers are not exhausted and as such they will have them at the bench for matches that are not so crucial. 

The significance of the clubs’ calendar

Checking on the clubs’ calendar is of paramount importance. When a football game is on, we need to understand that the clubs are coming off a previous match and they are going towards another upcoming match. Both what has preceded and what is going to proceed will certainly have a role to play. 

A demanding precedent match may have exhausted the players or may have disappointed them (in case of a loss), both of which will be most likely shown in the club’s present match. In the same way, a critical victory in the previous match will be largely motivational for the club and this will also be shown in the footballers’ confidence and boosted morale in the field. 

The significance of team line-ups

Information about the team line-ups can be a lifesaver in football betting. Not just for standalone matches, but for the whole season as well. This is the only way you get to know if the coach is making changes, considering that he is the only one who has a clear picture of his players’ condition and form. 

It is also good to know which players are going to be substituted during the match. This will come in very handy for making more accurate predictions over how the match is gonna play and how the bench might affect the club’s overall performance. 

Obviously, injuries and suspensions are also key elements to monitor, as the absence of a key player will probably impact the dynamics of the club in the field. 
And in terms of transfers, a good understanding of potential or upcoming moves during the winter transfer window in particular is crucial. Transfers can completely change the clubs’ potentials in the second half of the league, to some extent even invalidating initial predictions of their progress in it.