Derrick Lewis & the 2023 Manscaped “balls” commercial

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Some products are certainly easier to advertise than others. And when you need to make a commercial about a product like the Manscaped men’s hygiene kits, you obviously need to use irony. In the summer of 2023, the American brand chose Derrick Lewis as a testimonial for their product, starting from his iconic quote, “My Balls Was Hot.” Let’s understand better what happened.

You can watch the 2023 Manscaped commercial with Derrick Lewis at the end of this article.

“My Balls Was Hot”: Derrick Lewis & the 2023 Manscaped commercial

The commercial released by Manscaped in 2023 for their special men’s hygiene kit features the American UFC Derrick Lewis. As he explains in the ad, Derrick Lewis is famous as the holder of the record for most knockouts in UFC history: as of August 2023, he was the protagonist of 14 total knockouts.

The 2023 Manscaped commercial begins with a snippet from a famous post-fight interview Derrick Lewis had with Joe Rogan. It was October 6, 2018; the fight was Derrick Lewis vs. Alexander Volkov, won by Derrick with a last-minute knockout. And right after the match, this iconic exchange took place in the interview with Joe Rogan:

“Derrick, why’d you take your pants off?”
“’cause my balls was hot.”
“I understand.”

Those few seconds became one of the most memorable moments in the history of UFC. Derrick Lewis’ sentence is hilarious, but Joe Rogan’s face while he said “I understand” perfectly completed the exchange. Still today, after many years, many remember that night for this interview. You can find the complete interview here on Youtube.

And, of course, Manscaped didn’t lose a minute after Derrick Lewis broke the UFC knockouts record, picking him for their new “balls” commercial. This way, all men who want to “keep their privates in tip-top shape” (as Manshaped likes to explain) can use the Manscaped product and remember Derrick Lewis: the fighter who solved his “hot balls” condition after discovering this kit dedicated to men.

MANSCAPED® x Derrick Lewis - My Balls Was Hot

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