The 2023 Huggies “butt” commercial: hear the full song

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The summer of 2023 has been conquered by a sweet, funny commercial with one of the most catchy jingles of the last few years. It’s the 2023 Huggies ad, the one people refer to as the “butt commercial.” A viral clip where the diaper brands explain how their product can fit any shape for every kid’s… need. Yes, focusing on that specific part of their body. And that song everybody sings in the shower is now available in its full version. Let’s discover everything.

You can watch the 2023 Huggies “butt” commercial here on Youtube.

The 2023 Huggies “butt” commercial: hear the full song

The Huggies “butt” commercial with that incredibly catchy song was released in May 2023 for American TVs. The featured song is a perfect example of electronic dance music, with lyrics explaining the different types of kids’ butts and how their diapers can fit all of them. It’s a hilarious jingle, and people frequently look for it. Below, you can listen to the song in its full version, which is almost 2 minutes long.

Baby Butt Bop (Official Lyric Video) | Huggies

As you can see, Huggies did an excellent job with visuals, introducing an amusing animation that explains all the shapes the song talks about. You can also read the song’s full lyrics.

People got curious about the song, obviously, wondering if it was an official release by a known artist. No, it’s not: the jingle has been created on purpose for the Huggies commercial. As it happens in these cases, a brand pays an agency or a ghost producer to write the song and pass the full rights to the clients, so we’ll probably never know who the real author of the track is.

But now that you have the whole song streaming, you don’t need much more. You have the full commercial; you can also watch the new version released a few days later with a different song (here you have it). And any time you need to listen to the Huggies Butt song from their 2023 commercial, you have it above. Have fun!

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