Meg Stalter stars in the Google “Barbie” commercial

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The extent of the “Barbie effect” in the entertainment world was unlimited. The release of the movie Barbie has deeply marked 2023, and the marketing campaign around it touched basically everything. Up to the point that even Google released a Barbie-themed commercial promoting their Lens in a new, original way. The actress in the ad is Meg Stalter: let’s discover what happened.

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You can watch the Google “Barbie” commercial with Meg Stalter here on Youtube.

Meg Stalter stars in the Google “Barbie” commercial

The Google commercial released in 2023, with a Barbie exploring new ways to search through Google Lens, features the American comedian Meg Stalter. In the ad, Meg interprets a Barbie who came out of Barbieland (as Margot Robbie in the movie), dealing with the little “dissonances” of the real world.

Those who watched the movie know it: Barbie is somehow connected to her owner’s mood in the real world, and there is a way for her to exit Barbieland and live reality. Of course, the real world is quite different than Barbieland, and the Google Barbie commercial highlights it too: still, Meg Stalter is happy to be here, and Google helps her integration.

Megan Stalter is an emerging comedian who started her career in 2018. Initially, she posted funny videos online, which later evolved into “The Megan Stalter Show.” She gradually became a well-renowned comedian in the American scene. Among her most famous performances so far, she plays Kayla in the HBO Max comedy Hacks. You can watch her in this video shared by Max.

The specialty in Meg Stalter comedy is precisely that kind of “desperate” characters that find no place in their world. It’s a little like an authentic Barbie on Earth. Luckily, Meg uses all the tools available to make her life easier: Google Lens helps her recognize weird animals, translate messages for her, and even order all the pink furniture she needs for a comfortable life.

By involving Meg Stalter, Google had the chance to explain better how Google Lens can help us in our lives, riding the Barbie trend in a commercial dedicated to her world. It will probably be remembered as Google’s point of view on the massive effect the movie had in 2023.

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