Hijack plot recap & ending explained: why did they do it?

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Hijack has been one of the most exciting series aired in the summer of 2023. It landed on Apple TV+ in July, and for seven episodes, the plot kept spectators stuck on the screen, trying to understand what was happening, why the plane was hijacked, and what would happen in the ending. A plot recap is needed, and a specific aspect needs to be explained: why did all this happen, ultimately? Let’s discover it together.

You can watch the official trailer for Apple TV+ Hijack here on Youtube.

Hijack plot recap & ending explained: why did they do it?

The plot of the Apple TV+ series Hijack starts already with an accelerated series of events: we discover that there is a group of five hijackers ready to take control of the plane. The original plan is to do it some hours later, but since the passengers discover the presence of bullets on the aircraft, the criminals decide to anticipate the hijack.

Sam becomes the protagonist of the “negotiations” with the hijackers, and we have already analyzed his approach in this article. What stays unclear for most of the plot of Hijack until the ending is why the plane was hijacked, which definitely needs to be explained. In the second half of the series, we discover that the plan involved the release of two high-profile bosses of organized crime: on that stage, it seems that the plane was hijacked as leverage to have them out of prison.

Only the ending episode of Hijack has explained why the plane was hijacked: the real motive was a massive financial trade that would happen once the news about the hijack became public. As expected, if this information is shared, the flight company’s stock price will tumble. A group of finance traders planned to short those stocks, making a massive profit from this operation. That’s, in recap, the main motive behind the hijack we see in the plot.

The mob bosses are among the ones who will make a lot of money from this financial trade. The five hijackers are supposed to hold control of the plane. Amanda, the woman who kills the pilot and enters the cockpit at the ending of Hijack, was not known by the other hijackers: she represents a plan B the criminal on the ground had for the last phases of the hijack.

The ending episode of Hijack might look confusing, and some aspects need to be explained. When Amanda takes control of the cockpit, she’s desperately waiting for the message from the mob boss that instructs her to land the plane safely, sign that the finance deal was done and the hijack served its purpose. However, we see that the boss gets greedy: he compulsively watches the stock drop, and knowing that the more it goes down, the more money he makes, he decides to postpone the message indefinitely. Ultimately, he states that he’s OK to let the plane crash if that will increase their profit.

But that’s not the plan the traders had in mind. So when they discover the mob boss lost control, the other criminals kill him and give the go for the trade. Unfortunately, nobody informs Amanda that she can now land the plane safely: things went wrong on the ground, and the communication with the plane got interrupted by the boss’ unplanned death. Without his message, Amanda is supposed to crash the aircraft in the London city center.

In this plot recap, we can say that Hijack has a happy ending, thanks to Sam and the air control officers. The plane lands without big incidents, the hijackers are arrested. Sam can consider his role done, and Hijack hasn’t explained what he’s going to do with his ex-wife and his son: but that’s a part of the plot we were not supposed to follow.

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