Who’s the girl in the 2023 Samsung Flip commercial?

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TV commercials are always able to create real mysteries. We saw it recently with Diane, the grandma in the Max ad, and it happened again in July 2023 with the new Samsung “Join the Flip Side” commercial: a 2-minute-long ad presenting Season 2 of the fictional horror series where the protagonists risk getting lost in the attraction for Samsung Z Flip model. The curiosity is about the actress playing the British girl in the commercial: let’s see the information available so far.

You can watch Samsung “Join the Flip Side Season 2” commercial in its full version below.

Samsung Galaxy: Join the flip side — Season 2

The 2023 Samsung “Join the Flip Side Season 2” commercial: who’s the British girl?

The commercial released by Samsung in 2023 represents the return of their fictional TV series “Join The Flip Side” with Season 2. The series doesn’t exist, of course; it’s a marketing idea to promote their products in the commercials. The idea of a whole TV series focused on the effects the new Samsung Z Flip has on people was born in 2022, when Samsung released the first commercial of this series: you can watch the (fake) trailer of the first season here on Youtube.

Returning with Season 2, Samsung imagined a made-up horror series with many actors running away from the magic around Samsung’s “flip” phone. The commercial was so successful that people got curious about the actors involved. In particular, there is a massive curiosity about the actress playing the British girl in the 2023 Samsung “Join the Flip Side Season 2” commercial: she’s the one that closes the short version of the ad aired on TV, with that ecstatic expression that clearly indicates she’s been caught by the Samsung curse.

The actress playing the British girl in the 2023 Samsung “Join the Flip Side Season 2” commercial is British actress Amanda Dahl. You can find her here on Instagram, and here is the Instagram post where she thanked the Samsung team for their work in the commercial. 

Amanda was raised in London and started her acting career in 2011, at a very young age. You can find her roles in movies and TV shows here on IMDb, whereas here is the agency that presents her profile as a voice actress: she’s described as “youthful, bright, and engaging.”

In the post Amanda shared on Instagram, you can also find the names of the other actors involved: the British-Indian actress Riz Moritz plays the other girl protagonist in the commercial, the one who explains the curse at the beginning and drives the car away in the extended version of the ad; the guy on the car’s back seat is the music artist Lani Jae, the Asian girl is the owner of Oili Shop, and the other actors are Irie GonahRalph PaulettCarla GrisStrappÿ, and Jordana Aguar.

The idea is fascinating; the commercial catches us in this abstract horror story, representing the attraction Samsung Z Flip phone has on people. People on the Internet all agree that this is an excellent example of a commercial campaign: Samsung really aced it.

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