Grandma has to go: who’s Diane in the Max commercial?

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A mystery dropped on the internet in 2023. When the streaming platform Max from HBO was launched in the summer, they released a hilarious commercial where a family discusses their monthly expenses. After careful analysis, the dad concludes that “grandma has to go,” addressing her as Diane. And the internet is obsessed: who is the actress playing the grandma? Someone wonders if she’s Diane Keaton, but the answer may be more clever. Let’s explore the possibilities.

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Grandma has to go: who’s Diane in the Max commercial?

Unfortunately, HBO Max hasn’t revealed the identity of the actress playing Diane, the grandma in the commercial where “grandma has to go,” so there is no official answer. However, the internet may have solved the mystery recently.

In the commercial, the dad takes the opportunity of the monthly expenses for an extreme solution. “Grandma has to go,” making clear that there isn’t a good relationship between him and his mother-in-law. Immediately after, he talks with her, saying, “now Diane, for the most part I’ve never had a problem with you.” He gets interrupted by his wife, who has a better solution: subscribe to Max, so they can cut the expenses for all the other streaming platforms. In 30 seconds, the hilarious situation seems solved, although the grandma doesn’t look very happy, of course. The dad is interpreted by the comedian Regan Burns, and that’s something we know already. The grandma’s identity is more mysterious, though.

People have been speculating about Diane’s identity. Recently, someone wondered if the actress playing the grandma is Diane Keaton. But we can safely say that it should not be the case: you may look at Diane Keaton’s recent photos to realize that she looks different from the grandma in the Max commercial. Someone else named Kathleen Turner, but we can exclude her for the same reason.

An interesting name, though, has come up: according to many, Grandma Diane from the Max commercial could be Shelley Long, the actress famous as Diane Chambers in the TV series Cheers, which aired in the 80s. The fact that the character’s name in the commercial is Diane may be an important hint. And if you look at Shelley Long’s recent role in the 2021 movie The Cleaner… well, the resemblance is real. You can find the trailer below; Shelley Long is at minute 1:03.

The Cleaner (2021) Official Trailer

And things are even more interesting: if you take a look at the comments section on this video on Youtube, covering the Max “grandma has to go” commercial, you will find many users wondering who the grandma is. And there is a mysterious user named “diane0227” who answers by saying, “My name is also Diane. I’m aware for some reasons. #Extraordinary.” This user explicitly replied “yes” to another comment asking if the grandma was Shelley Long. And the tag #extraordinary may refer to this famous scene from Cheers Season 1, where the character Diane Chambers stops everyone at the bar, saying, “there is something extraordinary on television.”

Shelley Long is not very active on social networks, so it’s not easy to double-check the theory. For sure, if more information comes up, we will keep you updated on this article. Until then, there is a good chance that the Internet solved the riddle, and the grandma who “has to go” in the 2023 Max commercial may really be the actress Shelley Long.

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