Jennifer Lopez, This Is Me Now: is it going to be a movie?

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There is a lot of buzz around This Is Me… Now, the new album by Jennifer Lopez set for release in 2023. The new record represents a second chapter of what J-Lo did in 2002 with This Is Me… Then, and has been announced as a refreshed focus on the relationship with Ben Affleck. And a rumor is circulating over the Internet, according to which, the new album could become the soundtrack of a movie focused on their story.

Let’s go step by step. This Is Me… Now is Jennifer Lopez’s ninth album, ready for release later in 2023. The singer confirmed the “delivery date” on June 29 on Twitter: this means that the production is now over, and the label is finally planning its release. 

This Is Me… Now represents a successor of her 2002 album This Is Me… Then. Back in those days, Jennifer Lopez was at the very beginning of her relationship with Ben Affleck: they were in the middle of the initial crush, and things were getting pretty serious. Indeed, that album contains the track Dear Ben, where Jennifer Lopez expressed the immense feelings she had for Ben Affleck.

However, as we all know, things didn’t work out at that time. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got engaged, they were supposed to get married in September 2003, but they canceled their wedding four days before “due to the excessive media attention surrounding the wedding.” They will eventually break up in January 2004 for the same reason. Jennifer Lopez will marry Marc Anthony in 2004, and Ben Affleck will become Jennifer Garner’s husband in 2005.

Many years later, somehow, destiny wanted to bring them together again. After they both divorced their respective partners, they started dating again in 2021 and married in July 2022. That’s the background that gave birth to the new album: with This Is Me Now, Jennifer Lopez will share her perspective on this new life chapter, again with Ben Affleck. The new album will even have the song Dear Ben Part 2, again dedicated to Ben Affleck. We’ve been speculating about the possible lyrics in the article below.

And now a hot rumor is taking off. According to the Italian webzine PopSoap, This Is Me Now could become the soundtrack of an actual movie focused on the story between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. 

Apparently, a passionate fan found some interesting coincidences while investigating the recent casting activities of some American actors and models. Nothing has been announced officially so far, but according to the rumor, This Is Me Now could become a movie directed by the experienced director Dave Meyers, who already directed many music videos for Jennifer Lopez. From this point of view, each album’s track will accompany a different movie chapter, showing how things went with Ben Affleck until today. The film would be released on Amazon Prime Video.

So far, it’s just a rumor, and no one has officially commented on the topic. But you know how it works in these cases: if it’s true, you may hear about the official announcement any moment. We will keep you posted if new information comes up, of course.