Jennifer Lopez, Dear Ben Part 2: speculating on the lyrics

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In November 2022, Jennifer Lopez made an important public announcement: a new album coming in 2023 called This Is Me… Now. An ideal sequel of her 2002’s This Is Me… Then, her third album, containing songs like Jenny from the Block, All I Have, and I’m Glad. Now many years have passed, J.Lo is a mature woman, but there is something that didn’t change now and back in the days of that album: her love for Ben Affleck. Indeed, there was a track titled Dear Ben in 2002, and there will be a Dear Ben Part 2 in 2023. People are obviously dying to know how the new song’s lyrics will be and how their meaning will differ from the first song. In this article, we will recap the status of their relationship then and now, trying to guess how the new lyrics will be.

You can find Dear Ben, the first song by Jennifer Lopez dedicated to Ben Affleck in 2002, below.

Dear Ben

Dear Ben Part 2: speculating about the lyrics and the meaning

As of today, Jennifer Lopez didn’t share details about the lyrics of Dear Ben Part 2, the song that will be part of her 2023 album This Is Me… Now. There are no snippets available, so we have no chance to know even a single line from the song. As soon as J.Lo shares something on her official channels, you’ll learn more in this article.

Nevertheless, we can guess how today’s lyrics will differ from 20 years ago. In 2002, Jennifer Lopez was at the very beginning of her relationship with Ben Affleck. They were in the middle of the initial crush, they weren’t talking about getting married yet, and their passion for each other was irrepressible. Indeed, the lyrics of the first song, Dear Ben, were a blind love confession, where Jennifer Lopez was adulating Ben Affleck, defining him as a perfect man made by God for her. From 2002’s Dear Ben:

You’re perfect
I just can’t control myself

I love you, you’re perfect
A manifestation of my dreams
You make my body feel
About a million different things

I think God made you for me

What happened afterward is well known to those who followed media and gossip: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got engaged and were supposed to get married in September 2003, but they canceled their wedding four days before “due to the excessive media attention surrounding the wedding.” They will eventually break up in January 2004 for the same reason. Jennifer Lopez will marry Marc Anthony in 2004, and Ben Affleck will become Jennifer Garner’s husband in 2005.

Years later, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck divorced their partners (J.Lo’s divorce was finalized in 2014, and Ben Affleck’s one in 2018). The two have remained friends in the last few years and started dating again in 2021. The wedding took place in July 2022: the union between two mature people who had long stories, with children coming from their past relationships.

The current relationship between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck must therefore be more mature and less driven by emotions. For those reasons, we can assume that the lyrics inside Dear Ben Part 2 will be more about recognizing Ben’s important role in the different phases of her life and how destiny wanted them to be together after all.

All this is only speculation so far. As soon as J.Lo shares the first part of the lyrics, we will analyze them carefully and understand the real meaning behind this song.

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