Celebrity kdrama ending explained: who is bbbfamous?

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Celebrity landed on Netflix in June 2023, soon becoming one of the most exciting series available on streaming. The reasons are clear: the kdrama shows the world of social media influencers behind the scenes, letting us discover how that context works. After you arrive at the ending of the series, many things need to be explained: who is bbbfamous, and why did she try to bring everybody down? What’s the meaning of this character, and how did Seo A-ri survive? Let’s explore everything in this article.

You can watch the official trailer for Netflix’s Celebrity here on Youtube.

Celebrity kdrama ending explained: who is bbbfamous and why?

In Netflix’s kdrama Celebrity, we follow the life of Seo A-ri from the beginning until the ending, and the way her existence is transformed must be explained. In the beginning, A-ri is a humble door-to-door saleswoman who puts all her efforts into her job, trying to deserve the money she earns. But somehow, one night, she entered the world of e-celebrities, the famous influencers that set the fashion trends in South Korea. That night she joins a public event, wearing an expensive dress her mother was fixing for one of those top-level influencers, and suddenly her face starts to be recognized.

She starts taking care of her social profiles, using clever strategies to gain more followers. Progressively, as the plot of Celebrity evolves, we see Seo A-ri reaching a number of followers higher than her other competitors. The other e-celebs hate her and do everything they can to destroy her. Still, she continues to pursue her strategies, founding, at some point, her personal fashion brand.

In that world, Seo A-ri seems different than all others. That’s the reason why a mysterious social profile named “bbbfamous” starts helping her. This anonymous person wants to support her rise, helping her damage the other members of the Gabin Society, the exclusive e-celebs group that seems to rule the social world. Seo A-ri doesn’t know who bbbfamous is until the ending of Celebrity, after all the plot twists are revealed.

Yes, Seo A-ri ultimately falls from heaven. It happens after bbbfamous turns against her, guilty of not talking to her for weeks. At that moment, bbbfamous starts hating her, considering her the same as all other e-celebs: just a girl who reached her success through controversial strategies, not deserving it. After that, bbbfamous starts plotting against Seo A-ri with her rivals, publishing fake conversations aimed to harm her reputation.

Who is bbbfamous in Netflix’s kdrama Celebrity? Seo A-ri discovers her identity at the ending, after she staged her own death and resurrection: bbbfamous is Lee Eun-chae, a humble masseuse who always took care of the members of the Gabin Society, secretly recording their conversations, collecting precious information that could be used against them. Why was bbbfamous plotting against the e-celebs? Because of the main reason that pushes users to attack celebrities on social networks: jealousy. The level of fame, wealth, and prestige those people reach is so great that it’s hard to accept the difference between them and all other common people. Do they really deserve to belong to an elite that lives so differently, where normal rules don’t apply? 

This motive drives bbbfamous’s actions against the Gabin Society first and Seo A-ri later. The way she manages to harm their prestige, though, lies in the natural characteristics of the e-celebs world itself: a single contrary voice, a single accusation is enough to make the fame castle crumble to dust. It’s enough to reveal a single negative aspect of someone, even if it’s not verified, to turn the whole social audience against someone. In this mechanism lies a criticism against that world, where appearances are essential and statuses change continuously.

This is the message the ending of Netflix’s kdrama Celebrity has explained. Seo A-ri gets publicly destroyed by bbbfamous, so she pretends to take her own life. Months later, she uses her friends to stage her social return, revealing her true story and bringing down the whole e-world of celebs. She finally manages to discover bbbfamous’ identity, facing her in person. bbbfamous will commit suicide behind Seo A-ri’s eyes. In a sort of happy ending for the protagonist, Seo A-ri gets esteemed and famous again, restoring her business and reputation. She still doesn’t appreciate the rules that the world follows, but she’s using them to create something important for her and the people she loves.

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