Drop ‘Em Out Let Me See Them: TikTok viral song lyrics

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A spicy trend has taken off on TikTok in the summer of 2023, with thousands of female creators challenging the social network rules with the so-called “flashin’ background.” It’s a hidden way to show their bodies implicitly in a way that’s impossible to recognize, even for the human eye. And the trend is accompanied by a funny song with peculiar lyrics: it’s called Drop ‘Em Out (let me see them), and it was released some years ago by the country singer Wheeler Walker Jr. Let’s discover it!

You can watch the videos of the flashin’ background trend here on TikTok.

Drop ‘Em Out (Let Me See Them): TikTok viral song lyrics

The song featured in the videos of the “flashin’ background” trend on TikTok is Drop ‘Em Out by Wheeler Walker Jr, and “Let Me See Them” is the line repeated in every verse. You can listen to it in full streaming below.

Wheeler Walker Jr. - Drop 'Em Out (Official Video)

Drop ‘Em Out is a hilarious, sexually explicit song about men’s wish to see female breasts, and the lyrics explain the concept pretty well. In the song, the singer asks the girl to “drop ’em out,” describing in detail what he would do once they are behind his eyes.

The lyrics you hear in TikTok flashin’ background trend are the following:

(1 – 2 – 3 – 4)

Drop ’em out
Let me see them t–ies
Gonna take a long look at those tig ol’ bitties
Areolas looking nice, nipples looking real pretty
Come on, let me gander at your b–s

Wheeler Walker Jr. is the alter ego of the American country music artist and comedian Ben Hoffman. Known for his explicit and humorous lyrics, Wheeler Walker Jr. presents himself as a parody of traditional country music, often pushing the boundaries of what is considered acceptable in the genre.

Hoffman created the character of Wheeler Walker Jr. as a way to satirize and critique contemporary country music and its perceived commercialization. Under this persona, he released his debut album, Redneck S–t, in 2016. The album gained attention for its explicit content and politically incorrect lyrics, and it received mixed reviews from critics. Drop ‘Em Out is a song from that album.

Despite the controversial nature of his music, Wheeler Walker Jr. has garnered a dedicated fan base. He has released additional albums, including Ol’ Wheeler in 2017 and WWIII in 2018. His songs often tackle topics such as love, relationships, drinking, and partying, employing a straightforward and sometimes provocative language.

You can find the complete lyrics of Drop ‘Em Out below.

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One, two, three, four

Drop ’em out, let me see them t–ies
Gonna take a long look at those tig ‘ol bitties
Areolas lookin’ nice, nipples lookin’ real pretty
Come on, let me gander at your –s

Drop them out, let me see them knockers
Gonna take a long look at those big ham hockers
Just squeeze ’em together while I play with my c–ker
Come on, let me gander at your b–s

Drop ’em out, let me see them flabbies
Bounce ’em up, make an old man happy
Smack ’em around, just lay ’em on my lappie
Come on, let me j– on your b–s