Run Rabbit Run plot & ending explained: what happened to Alice?

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The world of cinema has recently been shaken by the release of Run Rabbit Run, a thrilling horror film that has captivated audiences with its gripping plot and its enigmatic ending that begs to be explained. Starring Sarah Snooks, known for her role in the series Succession, this Netflix release on June 28, 2023, will keep you glued to the screen.

You can watch the official trailer movie here on Youtube.

An analysis of the plot

The plot of Run Rabbit Run revolves around the story of Sarah, a gynecologist and a divorced mother to seven-year-old Mia. Sarah’s peaceful life is suddenly disrupted when Mia starts displaying strange behaviors, increasingly identifying with the disappearance of Sarah’s sister, Alice, who vanished when she was seven years old.

Sarah has lost contact with her mother, Joan, following the tragedy that befell their family. However, when Sarah’s father passes away, Sarah and Mia strive to find a new balance in their lives. Eerie events begin to unfold. A white rabbit mysteriously appears on the day of Mia’s birthday, and she becomes more and more intrigued by her mother’s past, yearning to meet her grandmother Joan, whom she has never known.

Tension builds as Sarah and Mia find themselves entangled in a web of suspense and mystery. Mia becomes seemingly possessed by Alice’s spirit, while Sarah struggles to maintain control, navigating between reality and hallucinations. Mia’s school grows concerned about her well-being after discovering her disturbing drawings depicting a sinister girl and a rabbit.

Determined to confront her past and uncover the truth, Sarah decides to spend time with Mia in the house they once lived in, the very place where the tragedy unfolded. During this process, Sarah unravels the shattering truth.

Run Rabbit Run ending explained: What happened to Alice?

In a vivid nightmare, Sarah relives the horrifying truth about her sister Alice’s disappearance. She realizes that she is the one who killed her, pushing her off the cliff surrounding their former home. Unable to confront the reality of her actions, Sarah had attempted to hide the truth, claiming that Alice had simply vanished and never returned. She had lied, claiming that Alice had simply disappeared, while Joan, Sarah’s mother, continued to wait in vain for Alice’s return.

The weight of this guilt haunts her incessantly, causing her to teeter between reality and hallucinations. Sarah confesses the terrifying truth about their aunt’s fate to Mia, who believes she is Alice. She sees herself as a monster and realizes how her dark past has shaped her life and her relationship with her daughter.

As Sarah wakes from her restless sleep, she realizes that Mia is no longer there. She watches as Mia walks hand in hand with Alice towards the cliff where her aunt met her demise. Mia has embraced following the ghost of Alice, as if drawn to her own distorted identity.

The film concludes with Sarah, shattered and tormented by remorse, helplessly watching as Mia moves with Alice further away towards the cliff. She is left alone, burdened by the weight of the truth and the remorse that consumes her, unable to save her daughter from what she believes to be her dark legacy.

This haunting ending leaves the audience with a sense of tragedy and the lasting impact of one‚Äôs past actions. ‚ÄúRun Rabbit Run‚ÄĚ explores the depths of guilt and the consequences of secrets.

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