Bloodhounds ending explained: the webtoon & Season 2

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After all, Bloodhounds became one of the most successful K-drama series of 2023. Inspired by a popular webtoon released in 2022, the TV show landed on Netflix in June, following a tradition of South Korean productions that consistently found favor in the audience’s sight. Watching the ending, some questions could arise: are all villains defeated? Could we have Season 2 and a continuation of the plot? And how does the webtoon end? Let’s have all doubts explained.

You can watch the official trailer for Bloodhounds here on Youtube.

Bloodhounds ending explained: the webtoon & Season 2

In the plot of Bloodhounds, we follow the adventures of three young people, two professional boxers, Kim Geon-woo and Hong Woo-jin, and a young woman, Hyun-ju. For different reasons, they work together, trying to bring down Kim Myeong-gil, an evil loan shark who’s hurting many individuals, making money out of the others’ disgraces. This is inherited from the original story of the webtoon: you can find Bloodhounds, the original webtoon, in the link below: the complete webtoon has 84 episodes, and you can enjoy all of them by downloading the app.

Read Bloodhounds, the original webtoon by Jeong Chan, here on

The ending of the TV show Bloodhounds may need to be explained: ultimately, Woo-jin and Geon-woo succeed in their mission, catching Myeong-gil before he escapes to Vietnam. In-beom is also there, defeated by Geon-woo. Therefore, although President Choi is dead, we can say that the good characters prevailed in Bloodhounds: Geon-woo and Woo-jin are back, Geon-woo meets his mom again. Hyun-ju is in Rome, trying to forget the death of President Choi.

The only element that could leave open the ending of Bloodhounds is that we don’t actually see what happens to Myeong-gil and In-beom after all that. Myeong-gil is supposed to be arrested once the boat arrives in Vietnam, but we don’t see that with our eyes. And nobody knows what happens to In-beom. Based on what the TV series shows, we don’t actually have clarity on the destiny of the villains of the plot.

That’s why people have questions: how should the ending of Bloodhounds be explained? Is there the possibility to have a Season 2? And how does the webtoon end?

If you read the complete webtoon, you will find out that the original plot of Bloodhounds ends with more clarity: we see Myeong-gil in prison, confirming that he was arrested. Meanwhile, Geon-woo, Woo-jin, and Hyun-ju will start a sort of bloodhounds agency, focusing on good clients. So, in general, we could say that the plot of Bloodhounds could continue, both in the original webtoon and the Netflix series. However, the two stories could take different directions: the webtoon could focus on the new adventures of the three young people with their new agency, whereas the Netflix series could still propose some plot twists that would let Myeong-gil and In-beom be back in the game.

There has been no announcement about a possible Season 2 of Bloodhounds, but at least now we have the ending of the series and the webtoon explained. You have all the elements to be prepared for a follow-up.

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