Stronger movie: the true story of Jeff Bauman & Erin Hurley

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The 2013 Boston Marathon bombing was a tragic event that marked the history of the United States. It’s no surprise that modern productions still covering that tragedy are so popular: in 2023, Netflix did its job releasing American Manhunt, The Boston Marathon Bombing about the manhunt following the bombing. Stronger is a 2017 movie about an interesting side story: the way Jeff Bauman survived the accident, developing his relationship with the girl who will later become his wife, Erin Hurley. In this article, we will discover their true story, whether they are still married now, and what happened to them.

You can watch the official trailer for the movie Stronger here on Youtube.

Stronger movie: the true story of Jeff Bauman and Erin Hurley

The true story of Jeff Bauman and Erin Hurley is strictly connected to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, as told in the movie Stronger. Erin Hurley was one of the runners participating in the marathon, and Jeff Bauman was waiting for her at the finish line when the bombs exploded. Bauman was very close to the bomb: he lost both his legs in the explosion, and his clothes took fire. He was immediately hospitalized, and after a long surgery, he woke up successfully. While he was still at the hospital, he managed to provide useful information to the police to identify one of the bombers, Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

The convalescence period strengthened the relationship between Jeff Bauman and Erin Hurley: the two became engaged the year after, in February 2014. In one pivotal scene of the movie, we can see Erin Hurley supporting Jeff Bauman when he has been invited to carry the Boston Strong flag for the Boston Bruins hockey game planned for May 4th, 2013. That was part of the true story of his life, as told by the movie Stronger: you can watch below a video taken back in those days, where you can see Jeff in his wheelchair and Erin close to him.

Jeff Bauman Carrying the Boston Strong Flag on Bruins Game 2 05/04/13

Jeff and Erin got married in November 2014. They had a daughter, Nora Gail Bauman, born in July 2014. When Erin Hurley gave birth to Nora, the hospital posted this moving picture on Twitter, where you can see both parents holding the baby.

For years, Jeff Bauman and Erin Hurley’s journey has been an inspiration to many, highlighting their resilience, love, and determination in the face of adversity. They advocated for survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing and became symbols of strength and hope. You can see them together in the cover image of the article you are reading.

Unfortunately, Jeff Bauman and Erin Hurley are no longer married now. In 2017 they announced their divorce to the Hollywood Reporter, less than three years after their wedding. As they explained, “Jeff and Erin have decided that it is best to move forward as friends. Though their relationship has changed, their admiration, love and mutual respect for each other will never waver. They are dedicated to loving and parenting their daughter, Nora, and ask for privacy.”

Today, both Jeff Bauman and Erin Hurley are doing their best to protect their privacy from the media. Jeff Bauman’s book, Stronger, published in 2014, inspired the development of the movie of the same name. Bauman contributed in first person on set, supporting the actor Jake Gyllenhaal portraying him. He personally wrote about his experience helping the movie filming here on Time.

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