Who’s the actress playing Sadie on Verizon commercial?

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Commercials are a window open to a world that surely fascinates us. Whenever a big brand releases a new ad, we may have tons of curiosities, starting from the actors interpreting them. It’s what happened in June 2023, with the latest commercial released by Verizon. The protagonist is Sadie, who is happy to choose all the opportunities the new mobile plan offers. Who’s the actress playing her? Let’s discover it.

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You can watch the Verizon commercial with Sadie here on iSpot.tv.

Who’s the actress playing Sadie on Verizon commercial?

Verizon has not officially disclosed the name of the actress playing Sadie in their commercial, but people seem to have recognized her: it’s the American actress Cristina SpruellYou can find her on IMDb, where you can see her acting career and photos.

Cristina Spruell was born on Santa Catalina Island, in California. She always wanted to become an actress, orienting her education in this direction since the beginning: as soon as she had the opportunity, she moved to Berkeley to pursue a degree in theatre.

Cristina appeared in the HBO series Sharp Objects and in Mr. Student Body President. She was also in the cast of recent movies like In The Forest and Him & Her. You can see her in the official trailer for Him & Her here.

Cristina Spruell is a regular presence in the world of American TV commercials, she appeared in ads for brands like Dish Network, Snickers, Lowe’s, Samsung, and Subaru. Here is the commercial she did in 2020 for Snickers: do you recognize her?

In the Verizon commercial, she’s a fancy woman enjoying all the options the mobile operator offers for people who need flexibility. Based on how happy she looks, it’s no surprise that viewers want to know more about her.

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