The Gryphon ending explained: what’s up for Season 2?

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The Gryphon is a new fantasy TV series that landed on Amazon Prime in 2023. The story is based on the book Der Greif by the German author Wolfgang Hohlbein (written together with his wife Heike Hohlbein), one of the most famous writers in Germany: it shows the adventures of Mark and Thomas Zimmerman, the last members of a family destined to fight a dark, parallel world that only they can access. Viewers enjoyed the plot, and once they reached the ending, they wondered if we could already guess what would happen in a possible Season 2. Let’s see how the events are explained and understand together how they could evolve.

You can watch the official trailer for The Gryphon here on Youtube.

The Gryphon plot & ending explained: what can happen in Season 2?

In the plot of The Gryphon, we follow the adventures of Mark and Thomas Zimmerman, two brothers of a family where all men were destined to fight in a parallel, dark world. The Zimmerman family owns the Chronicle, a book that can guide them to the Black Tower, a dark place existing in a parallel world ruled by the evil Gryphon. Mark is 16 and never believed those stories: his dad died while trying to access the gate that brings to the Black Tower, and his older brother Thomas intends to fight: Thomas wants Mark next to him in the battle.

Mark struggles to accept this truth, but soon enough, he understands that Thomas is right about the Black Tower. During the plot of The Gryphon, he will learn to access the other world by using his own emotions, discovering that he has the extraordinary power of the Traveler Between Worlds: an individual that can pass from one world to another without needing to cross the gate. Mark will also discover that his father built a weapon, the Lot, explicitly calibrated on him.

Being unbelievable, Mark and Thomas are unable to explain the truth to others. This is a painful point in their lives, as even her mother has never tried to believe them: Thomas will spend years in a psychiatric facility because if his beliefs and Mark grows up with the awareness that his father and his brothers were mentally ill, believing in monsters from another dimension. Luckily, at the ending of The Gryphon, the events were explained so clearly that even their mother had proof that the Black Tower exists.

The ending of The Gryphon is fascinating: at the crucial moment when Mark faces the gryphon, his dad will appear, guiding him. The dad explains that the gryphon wants him to be dominated by hatred: this way, Mark would be forced to fight driven by that hatred, and once he loses, the griffin will absorb his traveling power, becoming able to enter the real world. Following his father’s instructions, he refuses to fight, saving his brother Thomas and returning to the real world. However, he will soon realize that the evil creatures from the Black Tower can already enter the real world and spread terror.

What could happen in The Gryphon Season 2? It’s important to note that the original book, Der Greif, is not a series of novels but one only story with no follow-up. Amazon Prime hasn’t announced The Gryphon Season 2 yet, but the ending is open and definitely leaves the possibilities up for a sequel. From this point of view, the TV show has changed the events in the book enough to build a universe that can last longer: differently from the original novel, now Mark has many allies in the real world, his mother is ready to support him in the fight, Memo and Thomas are alive, and even Becky and the police officer are involved in the matter.

In The Gryphon Season 2, we would be able to see the evil creatures taking over in the real world: the plot sequel could become scary for the world we live in, with supernatural creatures destroying everything and Mark being one of the few individuals who know what’s happening and how to fight it. Is the ultimate goal to finally kill The Gryphon, or Mark and Thomas could find a way to close the gate between the two worlds forever and leave the Black Tower isolated from the real world? Would the Zimmermans be able to recognize and neutralize the evil creatures in the real world? And how powerful will Mark become with practice?

The ending of The Gryphon hasn’t explained all that, leaving it open for Season 2. You will find more news about the sequel here once announced.

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