The Fritos commercial with Thomas Rhett: who’s his friend?

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There is something unusual happening in the commercial released by Fritos in 2022 (still aired in 2023). Many on the social networks noticed it: the ad stars a famous singer, Thomas Rhett, but it’s somehow built in a way where the center of the attention is his friend, a guy with whom Rhett talks during the whole commercial. It’s because of the situation portrayed in the ad, and people were obviously curious to know more about who’s the actor playing his friend. Let’s find out!

You can watch the Fritos commercial with Thomas Rhett below.

Fritos | Down for Everything :30

The Fritos commercial with Thomas Rhett: who’s his friend?

The actor playing the old friend in the Fritos commercial with Thomas Rhett is Ali Alsaleh, a rising actor born in Iraq. He moved to the US in 2000 and works as an architect. His career as an actor and a writer is something he’s trying to develop in the last few years, with good results. Among his most significant achievements so far, he plays in the Disney+ miniseries Ms. Marvel. You can learn more about him with this recent interview he made with Nashville Voyager.

The reason why he manages to catch more attention than Thomas Rhett in the Fritos commercial is that he seems to have all answers: Rhett keeps asking his old friend many “this or that” questions, looking like he wants confirmations about preferences and tastes, and Ali Alsaleh always answers with confidence, sure of what’s better. The concept behind the commercial is that we may have the answer for every choice we need to make, but when we are in front of all the different options Fritos offer, we can’t know for sure what’s best. Indeed, the question about the best Fritos “is a tough one.”

So, Fritos made a commercial starring a famous artist and a rising talent who gathered more attention than his fellow. Of course, the two are not friends in real life, but they manage to keep the situation realistic.

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