Unstable cast: does John Owen Lowe play the flute?

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Rob Lowe teamed up with his son John Owen in the Netflix series Unstable, and people just love it. The TV show portrays the dynamic relationship between a father considered a genius of science and a son who always lived under his shadow and wanted to build his autonomous identity. The funny part is that it’s pretty close to the real-life relationship between Rob and John Owen Lowe. And while Jackson Dragon is a flutist in Unstable‘s plot, John Owen Lowe is an actor and writer. However, that scene at the karaoke made everyone wonder: does John Owen Lowe play flute in real life? Let’s find out!

You can watch the official trailer for Netflix’s Unstable here on Youtube.

Unstable, the cast: does John Owen Lowe play the flute?

John Owen Lowe plays the role of Jackson Dragon in the Netflix series Unstable: Ellis Dragon’s son lives far away from his father, trying to build a successful existence as a flute teacher. His father doesn’t really consider it a promising job, but he knows it’s his way to state his identity as an independent young man. And after all, he admits the guy has a talent. At the karaoke night, Jackson surprises everyone with an astonishing performance with the flute. And everybody wants to know if the actor John Owen Lowe can really play the flute.

No, John Owen Lowe doesn’t play the flute in real life. As he explained in this interview with Netflix, he considers himself a musician (he plays piano), but the flute isn’t something he would ever play. The idea of a character playing flute comes from Unstable‘s co-creator Victor Fresco, who found it perfect for a boy that didn’t have to look like a successful man. “It’s hard to look cool playing the flute,” John Owen explained in that interview.

The conversation between Netflix and John Owen Lowe also highlights the ironic way Rob Lowe’s son found his public dimension, funnily mocking his father on social media. This article on Good Morning America offers an excellent overview of every time John Owen trolled his father when he posted a selfie.

So we have two strong personalities interacting, respecting each other but always trying to state how different they are as men. And now we know this applies to Unstable‘s plot and the real Lowe family.

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