What You Need to Know About FFXIV’s Little Ladies’ Day Event

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Celebrating ladies are everywhere for FF14’s latest event.

When March rolls around, FFXIV account holders know the Little Ladies’ Day event is coming. Here’s what you need to know and some background information about the event. Take a short break from FFXIV gil farming to do the event quest and get great rewards!

Little Ladies’ Day 2023

This year’s theme is ‘A Dance to Remember.’ The Royal Seneschal is planning a little dance for all of Eorzea’s princesses. Find him in Ul’dah, – Steps of Nald (X: 10.5 Y: 8.6) to start the quest ‘Inheritance.’ Its only requirement is that you should be at least level 15 to begin.

The event lasts only from March 1-15, 2023, so don’t miss the event! It’s the only time you can get the Little Ladies’ Dance emote, the Lovely Little Ladies’ Day Advertisement, and the Decisions Orchestrion Roll. If you missed out on previous events, some items of earlier iterations might be obtained through a nearby vendor or the official FFXIV store.

The emote is an elegant dance with a folding fan. It has no gender restrictions, and even male avatars may perform it. Unfortunately, it is not a looping movement, which some players will protest. The advertisement is a poster of a young girl looking out a window, something you can display in your house.

Some Background About the Event

In real life, Little Ladies’ Day is based around the Hinamatsuri holiday in Japan, held on March 3. It is also called “Doll’s Day” or “Girl’s Day,” which inspires the event’s title.

The holiday’s central aspect is a doll display. The main two are the obina and mebina, a male and female doll (respectively) that represent a wedding. These two dolls are seated on a red cloth. More elaborate displays go multi-tiered and include attendants, musicians, and ladies of the court. Sometimes, there would even be other decorations or accessories. The whole set is called the hinakazari, and its complexity depends on the family’s budget.

Although dolls usually imply a 3d object, pictures or paper ones will do. They can also be played with traditionally, but it’s purely decorative nowadays. The display usually gets set up a few days before the holiday. During that period, the girls would hold parties with their friends.

Superstitious belief makes some families take down the doll display the day after the holiday. It was thought that leaving it out would delay the wedding for the daughter. However, other families leave the dolls out for the whole month. Doll displays are usually stopped when the daughter turns ten years old.

Other activities during this holiday are nagashi-bina (doll floating) and making or displaying of tsurushi-bina (hanging dolls). In the former, dolls are floated down a river, carrying their holder’s impurities and sins. The latter are colored threads featuring baby dolls or decorations such as mountains or flowers. Traditionally these are made out of leftover kimono silk, but nowadays, they’re made with the spirit of repurposing materials.

Celebrate Little Ladies’ Day!

Many other countries also celebrate their women in March. Though each has different traditions and ways of honoring, acknowledging these women’s achievements and legacies doesn’t change. This small event in FFXIV is just one way to appreciate the female presence. It may still be a while before Mother’s Day, but any reason to be grateful for their presence in your life is excellent, right? Otherwise, you can use it as an excuse to appreciate sisters, whether they’re young or old. March has been designated as an International Women’s month, explaining the various countries celebrating it. You don’t even have to follow your country’s or others’ traditions; you can make your own.