Valorant Teases Oni 2.0 Bundle

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The Oni 2.0 Collection has been teased to the community. Fans are losing their mind over the upcoming set.

Riot has just released a new set of Valorant skins, and players are losing their minds. The game’s cosmetics have been very popular in the community, and additional collections for OG themes will excite any fan. After three years after Valorant’s launch, a new set of our favorite samurai-inspired skin lines is set to go live. What should players expect from Oni 2.0?

Oni 2.0

The first set of Oni skins was released back in July 2020. The skin line has been one of the many favorite cosmetics players have on their Valorant accounts. Due to the set’s feudal Japanese theme, the collection remains one of the most popular cosmetic lines in the game.

After three years, the second set of this Japanese-themed collection is finally making its way into the game. Fans have been waiting for the 2.0 version of the Oni since other iconic cosmetics have gotten their second set (mainly the Reaver, Prime, Ion, and Glitchpop lines). The upcoming bundle includes Frenzy, Katana, Bulldog, Ares, and Vandal. Here is the teaser for Oni 2.0:

The most notable aspect of the upcoming set is its new melee. Players can remember that the previous collection features the melee weapon Oni Claw. We are getting an Oni Katana as 2.0’s close-range skin for this version, which might make the latest set even more popular. The original Oni set includes Shorty, Bucky, Guardian, Phantom, and Melee covers. 

The killing effect for this set will be similar to the previous one but have some variations. Most of the visual aesthetic copies the same vibe as the initial collection, but there is one main difference between 1.0 and 2.0. The upcoming set will have a blue theme instead of the original red. 

How Much is the 2.0 Bundle?

Based on the previous 2.0 versions of other collections, we expect the retail price for this bundle to be around 8,700 to 7,100 Valorant points. It could be more expensive than the original, priced at about 7,100 VP. These details haven’t been confirmed yet, so we must wait for further announcements from the devs or future patch notes.

Release Date

We don’t have specific details on when the collection will be released to the in-game store, but we can speculate that it will go live at the beginning of Episode 6 Act II. The upcoming major update will likely happen soon since VCT LOCK//IN is underway. Players should wait for further announcements from Riot. 

Current Store Bundle

While we wait for the release of Oni 2.0, there are two bundles in the store. The Reverie Bundle and the VCT LOCK/IN Capsule are available until VCT ends. The former features multiple guns covered with a cascade of colors similar to stained glasses of prominent churches. Here are all the included skins for this set:

  • Reverie Guardian (875 VP)
  • Reverie Marshal (875 VP)
  • Reverie Phantom (875 VP)
  • Reverie Classic (875 VP)
  • Reverie Sword (1,750 VP)

Aside from the guns, there will also be a player card, spray, and gun buddy included in the package if you buy the whole thing. The bundle costs 3500 and will only be available for a limited time. After the pack expires from the store, players can only buy them when they appear randomly in the daily offers.

The other available bundle in the store is the VCT LOCK//IN capsule, which mainly features knives of different colors. These melee weapons represent various regions participating in the grand stage. Here are all the knife versions in the game (also known as Misericordia):

  • VCT Americas (Green)
  • VCT Pacific (Blue)
  • VCT EMEA (Purple)
  • Valorant Champions Tour (RED)

Aside from these weapon skins, playing cards and sprays will be available to those who buy the bundle.

More Details Soon

We won’t know when the Oni 2.0 Collection will be available to Valorant accounts. Players should expect further details from future patch notes. In the meantime, gamers should check out their night market and daily night offers to see if any hidden gems are worth taking.