Johnny, the cast: Dawid Ogrodnik plays Jan Kaczkowski

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Shuffling through all the releases that landed on Netflix in March 2023, people can really smell a taste of Europe: you can virtually travel in Greece with Maestro In Blue, stop in Spain with Sky High, then visit Turkey with Who Were We Running From? and end the trip in Germany with Close to Home: Murder in the Coalfield. And if you still have energy after all that, you can spend some hours in Poland and learn about the story of Father Jan Kaczkowski by watching the 2022 movie Johnny. If you do that, you’ll be curious about the actor playing the protagonist: his name is Dawid Ogrodnik; let’s discover everything about him.

You can watch the official trailer for Netflix’s movie Johnny here on Youtube.

Johnny on Netflix, the cast: meet Dawid Ogrodnik aka Father Jan Kaczkowski

The actor playing Father Jan Kaczkowski in the 2022 movie Johnny on Netflix is the Polish actor Dawid Ogrodnik. He’s been active as an actor since 2007, mainly in Polish productions: when Johnny landed on Netflix in 2023, he’s 36.

Throughout his career, Dawid Ogrodnik played in many famous movies in Poland, winning many awards. His most important movies so far are the 2013 film Life Feels Good (for which he won four different awards as best actor), 2016’s The Last Family, 2013’s Ida, and 2017’s Silent Night, all Polish productions. You can watch the official trailer for Life Feels Good here on Youtube, and you’ll recognize him immediately.

Dawid Ogrodnik has extended esteem from the whole Polish movie environment. For his performance in Johnny, described him as “the biggest chameleon of Polish cinema and the chief specialist in playing authentic characters.” That’s because many movies that made him famous were biographical films. Before Johnny, already Life Feels GoodThe Last Family, and Ida were portraying characters that existed in real life.

As often happens with the European productions landing on Netflix, Johnny is the movie that allowed Dawid Ogrodnik to reach the international streaming audience.

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