Who Were We Running From? Cast: meet Melisa Sözen

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Two fugitives, a mother and a daughter, against a threatening world: the Turkish production Who Were We Running From? is intriguing already from the title, and it was no surprise that viewers took their first chance to watch it. The biggest curiosity was around the cast, composed of many Turkish actors not really known by most of the international context. The protagonist is Melisa Sözen, the mother: let’s discover more about her.

You can watch the official trailer for Who Were We Running From? here on Youtube.

Who Were We Running From? The cast: meet Melisa Sözen aka the mother

Melisa Sözen is the Turkish actress playing the mother in the Netflix series Who Were We Running From? released in March 2023. Melisa was born in Istanbul in 1985: when the series was released, she is 37.

She’s been present in Turkish movies and TV series since 1997. Most of Melisa Sözen’s performances have been appreciated only by people in Turkey, but there have been some cases that gave her some international visibility. The most relevant movie in that sense was Winter Sleep, a Turkish film released in 2014, based on two subjects by Chekhov and Dostoyevsky. The movie won many awards that year, and Melisa Sözen was Nihal, the wife: you can enjoy her performance in this video.

More recently, Melisa played in some French productions, like the 2017 series Le Bureau des légendes and the 2019 movie Damien veut changer le monde. Thanks to the positive feedback received for all these performances, Melisa Sözen is considered one of the most prominent actors in Turkey (she’s in 5th position on this list on IMDb), and she’s often invited as a jury member in international film festivals.

Who Were We Running From? represents her debut on Netflix, and will probably be the stage that will give her the widest visibility in the streaming world.

Who Were We Running From? represents her debut on Netflix and will probably be the stage that will give her the broadest visibility in the streaming world. She’s still young, though, so we will have the chance to see her again in other international productions.

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