Netflix Maestro In Blue, the cast: meet Klelia Andriolatou

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Maestro in Blue is a Greek TV series that landed on Netflix in March 2023. Mixing romance and drama, the show gathered an interesting consensus among Netflix users, who were curious about the cast. The female protagonist, in particular, caught the scene: Klelia is interpreted by the young Greek actress Klelia Andriolatou: let’s discover more about her age, career, and roles so far.

You can watch the official trailer for Maestro in Blue here on Youtube.

Maestro In Blue on Netflix, the cast: meet Klelia Andriolatou

Klelia Andriolatou is the Greek actress playing the female protagonist of Netflix’s series Maestro in Blue, a piano player who has her first name. Klelia Andriolatou is a very young performer: born in 1996, she’s 26 when Maestro in Blue is released in 2023.

Klelia started as a model at the age of 14, and she’s still a testimonial for many brands in the fashion industry. When she was 18, she debuted in the popular Greek soap opera Brousko, which aired from 2013 to 2017. That marked her passion, leading her to graduate from the Athens Conservatoire drama school. Besides Brousko, you can find her in the 2021 Greek drama 18 (here is the trailer).

Maestro in Blue is the first Greek series ever to land on Netflix, representing Klelia’s international debut. Klelia Andriolatou is young, talented, and beautiful; she just started what could become a long list of movies and TV shows of worldwide relevance: we will surely see her again soon. Meanwhile, you can follow her future evolutions on Instagram.

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