Is Dean Winters brother in the Allstate Mayhem commercial?

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Since 2010, we are all having fun watching Mayhem, this braggy character appearing in all recent Allstate commercials, warning you about all the possible reasons you need to protect your home with proper insurance. The Mahyem commercial series is one of the most popular things on American TV, and in 2023, the protagonist introduces his brother in a new ad that sparked curiosity. We all know that the Mayhem guy is Dean Winters, but is the brother related to the actor in real life? Let’s try to understand.

Are you looking for the Mayhem Bear Allstate commercial?
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You can watch the Allstate commercial with the “brothers competition” here on Youtube.

Is Dean Winters brother in the Allstate Mayhem commercial?

We know Dean Winters for his multiple relevant roles in movies and TV shows of the last few years. Among his most beloved performances, he was Avi in John Wick (do you remember him?) and Ryan O’Reily in the TV series Oz.

The questions arose once people saw Mayhem’s brother in this Allstate commercial: the resemblance is striking; is he Dean Winters’s brother really? Those who watched the TV series Oz carefully know: yes, Dean Winters has a brother who’s also a famous actor, Scott William Winters, and they all recognized him in the Allstate commercial. For an obvious reason: the two real-life brothers already played together in Oz, in all seasons with Cyril O’Reily, Ryan’s brother.

Mayhem and his brother in the same Allstate commercial, showing the energy of their fictional family. A reason more to buy your next home insurance?

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