Coco Chanel, Bad Bunny song lyrics about Kendall Jenner

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Rumors can make the Internet literally explode. Especially when those rumors spin around influential music artists: it’s what happened in March 2023, when Bad Bunny released a new song, Coco Chanel, together with Eladio Carrión, a track about a hot girl who apparently likes a luxurious life and intimacy with Bad Bunny. The lyrics don’t explicitly mention who this girl is. Still, there are clear hints that we are talking about the American model Kendall Jenner. Let’s explore the lyrics in English and understand why their meaning seems to be an obvious reference to her.

Below you can listen to Coco Chanel, the song by Eladio Carrión and Bad Bunny.

Eladio Carrión ft. Bad Bunny - Coco Chanel (Visualizer) | 3MEN2 KBRN

Coco Chanel, Bad Bunny song about Kendall Jenner: the English lyrics & meaning

You know how it works when Bad Bunny makes a new song with another Latin rapper: he expresses his bratty side, explaining how girls love him in bed, often being quite explicit about what they do in their private time. In Coco Chanel, he describes how this girl likes to wake him up for sex, mentioning even their favorite positions.

I put her in 69, not La Mega
That a– is so pretty, you with a boyfriend, baby, it doesn’t fit
Baby, it doesn’t fit
We f**k with my clothes on, she went blind 
Yeah, they ask for me and she denies it 
She never goes out, but if it’s for me she comes

I already go to sleep, but if it’s to f**k, wake me up

One line, in particular, appears as a clear hint that the song is dedicated by Bad Bunny to Kendall Jenner. It’s the one below:

But the sun in PR heats up more than the one in Phoenix

It’s a comparison between the warm sun of Puerto Rico (where Bad Bunny is from) and another place, Phoenix, which is where Kendall Jenner’s ex-boyfriend, Devin Booker, plays basketball. By singing that line, Bad Bunny is bragging about the fact that Kendall Jenner prefers a Puerto Rican… sun. If you know what he means.

There are many other additional confirmations in Coco Chanel lyrics that the girl is most likely Kendall Jenner. His preferences about luxury brands, cars, and places in the world. And if you need some objective fact that relates to her, Bad Bunny says precisely this:

Scorpio women are dangerous

Do you want to know which zodiac sign Kendall Jenner is? She was born on November 3rd. Exactly, she’s a Scorpio.

Do you need more hints? Read this line:

I feel like Luka every time I shoot because I don’t fail 

This line refers to another song written by Bad Bunny, 25/8, where the Puerto Rican rapper sings, “Luka Dončić, there is no way I fail.” Who’s Luka Dončić? He’s another basketball player recognized for a meme where he seems to mock Devin Booker. You find the viral picture here.

You should have enough evidence now. Coco Chanel is the song Bad Bunny wrote about Kendall Jenner. That, or it’s just an impossible sequence of incredible coincidences. What truth do you want to believe in?

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