TikTok Moon Phase Soulmate Compatibility Trend: is it true?

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There’s a new sheriff in town: a trend taking over TikTok as a test that will prove if your partner is really your soulmate. You do it by finding the moon phase of your birthday and comparing it to your partner’s. If you are lucky, the two moon images could match like two pieces of a puzzle, forming a full moon, and you can declare victory: your true soulmate is next to you. But is it true? Is this test reliable from an astrological point of view? Let’s try to understand.

You can find here on TikTok an example of a perfect match according to this trend, whereas here you find all the videos under this trend.

The TikTok Moon Phase Soulmate Compatibility Trend: is it true? The astrology’s point of view

First, a bit of science: the moon cycle represents how the moon receives light from the sun. Depending on the positions of the Earth, Sun, and Moon, we can see the Moon from Earth in different phases, from the new moon to the full moon to the new moon again, in a cycle that lasts around 29 days. Therefore, every day the light we see on the moon changes shape. And yes, every shape will have a specular phase that will occur around 14 days later, which means that whatever your birthday moon phase is, there will be another moon phase that matches it, and many people born when the moon had the shape you are looking for.

This tells us another thing: from a statistical point of view, starting from the moon phase on your birthday, the probability that your partner has precisely the phase that matches yours is 1 out of 29. That’s about 3.5% if you like maths.

But what does Astrology says about it? Well, on the one hand, the moon has always been important for love, so the way the moon phase trend was born is not really surprising. All romantic souls are aware of the attraction the moon plays on them, and that matches the belief that the moon is strongly connected with our deepest feelings. For that reason, astrology associates specific personality traits depending on the moon phase on your birth date. For example, people born during the new moon prefer changes and renewal, while people born under a full moon are more compatible with long-term commitment.

But the bitter truth is that there is no astrological basis for the moon phase soulmate compatibility trend that became popular on TikTok in 2023. The way your birthday moon phase defines your personality doesn’t really match the characteristics of people born in the matching phase, according to astrology. What astrology supports in terms of compatibility is the moon sign, which is the zodiac sign the moon was in on your birthday. That’s what originated the moon sign compatibility concept, which can be tested here on cafeastrology.com. And yes, that has a solid astrological meaning!

If you need a deeper explanation, you can refer to this extensive article recently published on today.com, offering a detailed overview of the TikTok moon phase soulmate compatibility trend from an astrological’s point of view. If, on the other hand, you just want to enjoy a nice trend on your favorite social network, well, then all this doesn’t really matter: you can go to the birthday moon calculator on phasesmoon.com, insert the two dates and watch how they match in the video. Then, you can post it on TikTok and that’s done, you are part of the trend too.

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