Big Eyes Coin Presale Offers Free LootBoxes – Get the Vault Key Here – Checkout Vechain Vs. Fantom Rally

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The crypto world, riddled with price and volume fluctuations, is a breeding ground of opportunities. Stocks rally for months, and potential investors walk away with 10x cryptos. Investing in this high-risk, high-return asset may seem dangerous, but the future of the web lies in blockchain and crypto. Not participating in the Web 3 revolution may be even more dangerous in the long run.

Here we discuss three top altcoins with huge potential and a great future. Big Eyes Coin – a meme coin built on the Ethereum network with a massive presale. Vechain, an innovative coin with a foot in sustainability, and Fantom, a coin with a 160% return over the last two months.

Big Eyes Coin – $31 Million Crouch in Progress

Big Eyes Coin is a public meme currency with a focus on NFTs. Currently on stage 12 of its presale, having raised close to $31 million, the cat-themed coin shows no signs of slowing down. Dogecoin’s success served as an inspiration for Big Eyes, but it differs from it; in a saturated market of joke coins with dog themes. Big Eyes Coin steals the show with huge potential and a true cause. to save the world’s oceans.

Unlock Money, Unlock Freedom With Big Eyes Vault Key

On February 21, Big Eyes launched three different treasure boxes. There are $BIG tokens in the Saver Tin, Cute Box, Kitty Vault, Super Saiyan Box, and Excali-Paw Chest.  A lucky member of the BIG community could win up to $1 million worth of BIG.

The price range starts with the Saver tin, where the user can get in for  $100 and may win up to $1000. Next in line, the Cute Box, which costs $1000 to purchase, can return up to $10,000, whereas the Kitty Vault starts at $5000, with prizes ranging from $500, $600, $1,500, $4,000, and $25,000.

If you are into the big leagues, – The Super Saiyan Box may cost $1,000 but could win you up to $100k. And for those who are truly into the cat world and decide to get an Excali-Paw Chest for $100,000, they may win really BIG – a million dollars worth of BIG.

Now, the cat’s got innovation and has brought out a Big Eyes Vault Pin. Cat fans can now use the vault pin “819” and earn loot boxes for free on purchases over $100.

Vechain – Vetting for Success

Moving on to Vechain (VET), the company recently released its revised whitepaper, emphasizing its new focus on Web3 and sustainability. VET plans to build a blockchain that balances economic growth, environmental care, and social welfare. The latest VeChain whitepaper includes a roadmap for preparing the network to tackle global sustainability challenges and realize its phygital vision. The roadmap runs from 2023 to Q1 2024 and includes DEX/DeFi, wallet browser extensions, an Ethereum token bridge, and an NFT marketplace.

What’s up with Fantom’s 160% Rise?

Finally, the Fantom ecosystem has gained 160% since the beginning of 2023. One of the significant developments in the Fantom ecosystem is the complete integration of Time-Weighted Average Price (TWAP) swaps, which allows investors to leverage TWAP with the largest decentralized exchange on the network. Additionally, the first-ever NFT arcade on the blockchain is coming soon to the Fantom blockchain, and the fNFT marketplace feature is now live on PaintSwap. According to recent on-chain data, the Fantom Foundation has recently transferred 7.5 million FTM tokens to Binance, signaling its potential desire to cash in on the price appreciation.

In conclusion, the world of cryptocurrencies is constantly evolving, and it is essential to keep up with the latest updates to make informed investment decisions and 10x your cryptos.

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