Chris Rock & Doja Cat? Are they single or dating?

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Chris Rock got suddenly on everyone’s lips in March 2023 when his show Selective Outrage landed on Netflix. In one hour, the American comedian touched on many hot topics in American society, describing how people can easily get triggered by something and then stay indifferent to some other very similar thing, just because the media covered it differently. He talked about the Kardashians, his daughter Lola, and the infamous slap received by Will Smith. But one of the sentences that caught everyone’s attention was a statement about his dating preferences, ending up mentioning Doja Cat. Let’s see what happened and if the two artists are single or are dating someone: can Chris Rock & Doja Cat really be a thing?

You can watch Chris Rock: Selective Outrage show on Netflix.

Chris Rock mentions Doja Cat in Selective Outrage: are they single or dating?

The sentence involving Doja Cat appears in the second half of the show Chris Rock – Selective Outrage, when the American comedian talks about his dating preferences. It was a self-ironic comment about his wealth and how it changed his dating life: being a 50+ years old rich man, he noticed that he prefers dating younger women instead of mature ones. The main reason seems related to money: as he explains in the show, a young woman is already happy if he buys her a pair of nice shoes, while a 45/50-year-old woman is like… “can you help me fix my roof?”

Since she prefers dating young women, Chris Rock came up with this short, symbolic sentence recapping his situation:

“Don’t hate the player; hate the game. I didn’t get rich and stay in shape to talk about Anita Baker. I’m trying to f**k Doja Cat!”

By involving two well-known icons of American black music, belonging to different generations, Chris Rock explained in a straightforward sentence his preferences: although Anita Baker is an elegant, pretty woman, and she’s in the same age range as Chris, he has all intentions to use his wealth to get a much younger female beauty like Doja Cat.

Both Anita Baker and Doja Cat can be considered iconic artists of their generations: the first is one of the most important soul singers of all time, able to win many awards in her career. In contrast, the second is a much younger artist (she is 27 years old when Selective Outrage was released) but is already considered one of the best female rappers nowadays.

So now the question is: what if Chris Rock is serious about being attracted to Doja Cat? Are they single, or are they dating someone?

Chris Rock reportedly dated the American actress Lake Bell in 2022, and the two were still seen together in October 2022, as this article on the Daily Mail proves. But in Selective Outrage, Chris Rock states clearly: “I’m single; I’ve been single for a long time,” hinting at the fact that his relationship with Lake Bell may be over.

So Chris Rock is single, trying to date some pretty young girl. What about Doja Cat?

Doja Cat’s sentimental life is one of the most mysterious riddles out there. Over the years, fans got to know one only public relationship, with the American singer Jawny, from 2019 to 2020. After that, Doja Cat has always been cautious about revealing any man she’s dating. There were many rumors, sure: French Montana and Joji were the biggest suspects, but in both cases, she turned down every speculation denying she dated them. And today, no information is known about her: she may be just a single woman focusing on her music and nothing else.

That would mean that, as of March 2023, both Chris Rock and Doja Cat may be single. Does that mean that Doja Cat would be glad to date him? This is what many are wondering after the release of the show Selective Outrage. And it wouldn’t be surprising if, even this time, Doja Cat will answer these speculations. In case that happens, you’ll surely see all updates here.