Lo and behold: meet top 3 presales to dip in Q1 2023 – Big Eyes Coin, LuxWorld and Keter Network

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While the crypto market has been going through a slump in the past twelve months, there is a silver lining at the end of the tunnel. There is a strong belief among crypto enthusiasts that the biggest returns can be made during the bear market. This is especially true regarding the presale process, which is almost universally considered one of the best ways to make an impressive ROI. However, which presales are worth your attention and which are destined to be unsuccessful is the question everyone addresses on Twitter.

If you are amongst that cohort, you are in luck, my dear reader, as this article will thoroughly delve into the top-3 hottest presales of 2023. We will start with the Big Eyes Coin (BIG) project, a daring meme coin set to revolutionize the industry. The next in line will be LuxWorld (LUX), an emerging Web3 lifestyle app with an NFT gamification and social-Fi element. Meanwhile, last but not least will be the Keter Network (KTR), a rapidly developing AI blockchain network.

Big Eyes Coin: Soon To The Moon

Despite entering the crypto game only recently, this project was able to amass a massive and loyal fanbase in a very short period of time. The cute anime-inspired cate, the project’s official mascot, seems to be resonating with the public on a large scale, hence making it on to the list of the top presales. Some might argue that this is because there is a very vivid fatigue with the dog-derivative projects that have flooded the scene in recent years.

Another reason Big Eyes Coin made the list amongst the top presale tokens is that this project pledges to deliver a combination of DeFi and NFTs under its umbrella. For those who prefer to sell and resell NFTs, an upcoming collection might have a chance of exceeding the expectations of many critics. The cherry on top, however, is the project’s desire to protect marine life and the environment, which is rare for a crypto project. If you are looking for the number 1 project to wet your appetite on this list of top presales, then look no further; Big Eyes Coin fits the bill on almost every front.

LuxWorld (LUX): Discover Magical Worlds

One of the reasons why this project made the list of top presales is the unique value proposition it offers compared to the rest of the crypto flock. This project is inspired by solving problems related to daily human activities, like moving around. Hence, this is why the new concept is being suggested under the name “Travel to Earn”, whereby equipping Luggage NFTs while travelling and checking in, Travellers earn $LUX. Drawing inspiration from GameFI, LuxWorld aims to bring back good-old tourism to the pre-Covid status quo. In doing so, the project will establish relationships between brands and their customers while simultaneously emphasising the Social-Fi aspect to build a stable platform fostering user-generated Web 3.0 content for everyone.

Keter Network (KTR): Building Smart Contracts With AI

Last but not least, on our list of top presales is the Keter Network (KTR) project. Everyone knows how difficult it gets when it comes to creating smart contracts. However, this process becomes a leisurely walk in the park with the help of this project and a highly sophisticated AI algorithm. Forget about coding, as this project offers pre-programmed contracts that can be implemented based on your needs.

With Keter Network, security is also not a problem as the aforementioned AI algorithm constantly performs security tests to identify points of failure and vulnerability. If you are into starting your own crypto project, Keter Network is among the top-tier solutions to assist you in this endeavour.

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