Brandi Carlile is the girl in the 2023 Hilton commercial

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The Grammy Awards celebrated in February 2023 were the best moment for Hilton Hotels to release their new commercial. And the message is clear: a unique hotel can turn a stay into a beautiful experience, and that’s even more true when it comes to music, given the special relationship that the luxury brand has with the Grammy show (Hilton hosted the first edition of the awards, in 1959). For this occasion, the face leading the commercial is the American singer Brandi Carlile, appearing as a humble girl who believes her best performance is the one she gives every night in her daughters’ room. Let’s go deeper into this ad.

You can watch the Hilton commercial released in 2023 with Brandi Carlile here on Youtube.

Brandi Carlile is the girl singing in the 2023 Hilton commercial

The girl singing in the daughters’ bedroom in the Hilton commercial released in 2023 is the American singer/songwriter Brandi Carlile. Brandi Carlile has won nine Grammy Awards since 2019. and she even won the Grammy as Best Rock Song and Best Rock Performance in 2023, just when the Hilton commercial was released, with her single Broken Horses (you can listen to it here).

The little girls you see in bed in the Hilton commercial are her real daughters, Evangeline and Elijah. They were born by IVF, and it was her wife, Catherine Shepherd, who gave birth to them.

The song she sings to her daughters in the commercial is her track Stay Gentle, from her 2021 album In These Silent Days. You can listen to it here. It’s the song you hear already from the commercial’s beginning, and the lyrics she sings at the end are the following:

Stay gentle, keep the eyes of a child
Don’t harden your heart or your hands

In conclusion, Hilton managed to release a commercial on the day of the Grammy Awards, celebrating their special connection with music, involving a famous musician and having her singing in front of her little girls, in the intimacy of their hotel room. Everything matches.

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