Janelle Monáe in a commercial? Watch Audi and Pepsi ads

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The release of Glass Onion on Netflix in December 2022 revealed Janelle Monáe’s talent as an actress: her performance as a “rich b**h,” as she defines herself in the movie, is outstanding inside a cast that is already full of stars. Many people knew her mainly as a musician (she published three albums, pushing the boundaries of contemporary R&B, and featured in 2011’s hit We Are Young). Others may remember her face in some TV commercials: over the years, she has been in many ads for the makeup brand Cover Girl. But two adverts gave Janelle Monáe a bigger spotlight: the Pepsi Super Bowl 2016 commercial and the one for Audi RS e-tron GT in 2022. Let’s discover them.

Janelle Monáe in the Pepsi Super Bowl 2016 commercial

The commercial released by Pepsi in 2016 for the Super Bowl is titled “Joy of Pepsi” and features Janelle Monáe as a happy dancer switching among different music styles with confidence. You can watch the commercial below.

Музыка из рекламы Pepsi - Joy of Pepsi (Janelle Monáe) (2016)

Janelle Monáe was incredibly proud of her participation in that commercial, considering it one of the peaks of her career. The Super Bowl obviously provides levels of visibility that have no comparisons in the United States.

The songs you hear in the first two scenes of the commercial are Do You Love Me by The Contours and Express Yourself by Madonna, while the third scene features a refreshed version of Pepsi’s famous jingle. Janelle Monáe proudly shows her energy as a dancer and a music lover with remarkable ease.

The 2022 Audi RS e-tron GT commercial

In 2022, Janelle Monáe featured in the Audi RS e-tron GT commercial, and this time, she showed a totally different elegance. You can watch the full commercial here on Youtube.

We can see Janelle in her fancy apartment, dressed in the finest fashion, reflecting on the dichotomies that often represent our life. It’s a commercial for Audi’s new electric model, and the concept of the whole commercial is about progress, which is not supposed to exclude something in favor of something else: “progress isn’t either-or, progress is everything,” she says at the end of the commercial after she has her best time driving the car.

Therefore, Janelle Monáe is both a talented and creative musician and a versatile actress who can host a commercial in different creative ways and steal the stage in a movie like Glass Onion, full of incredible actors. This article’s additional piece of her career can only give you an extra reason to believe that.

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