“Expired”: the cast of the old Geico “Aunts” commercial

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Some commercials became legends, and we can name a few of them. Recently we talked about that old Pepsi commercial that promised a Harrier jet as a prize and led the soft drink company to go to a trial with someone who really wanted that jet. This case, however, is much easier (and funnier): it’s the famous Geico commercial released in 2020, where the protagonists are worried about their new house, which is infested by “aunts.” Yes, aunts, not ants. A pun that triggered a hilarious situation where we can see all those stereotypical annoying behaviors our aunts do when coming into our home. Including the one repeating “expired, expired” while analyzing all items in our fridge. In this article, we will watch that commercial again and discover the entire cast.

You can watch the Geico “aunts” commercial below.

TV Commercial Archive-Geico We Have Aunts (recorded 09-05-2020)

Geico “Aunts” commercial, what’s the cast? Damian Cecere, Alexis Jacknow, and the others

The cast of the famous Geico “Aunts” commercial released in 2020 is composed of a young couple that just bought that new home and four aunts in total. The couple is interpreted by the American actors Damian Cecere and Alexis Jacknow, while the aunts are Alison Martin, Marianne Muellerleile, Livia Trevino, and Jan Hoag. Let’s discover them in more detail.

Damian Cecere has been playing for years in several movies and TV shows, as you can see on his IMDb page. He was happy to share snippets of the Geico commercial on his Youtube channel and on Facebook.

Alexis Jacknow is an LA-based actress and director who released several short films in the last few years. She was in the 2018 movie Truth or Dare and in American Horror Story; she also played in many US commercials besides Geico, like Pizza Hut, Home Depot, and Microsoft. She proudly shows her role in the Geico commercial on her official website.

Among the aunts, the most recognizable actress is Marianne Muellerleile, who worked in countless roles in movies and TV shows, as you can see on her IMDb page. She’s also happy to mention her “aunt” role at the beginning of the news on her official website. The aunt that repeats the most famous line of the Geico commercial, “expired, expired,” is Aunt Bonnie, interpreted by the American actress Alison Martin (she even won a Clio Award two times for her roles in commercials on the US TV, as her Wikipedia page states).

The other aunts are Livia Trevino, known as Mrs. Timmer in Will & Grace (she obviously had a lot of fun on Twitter talking about her role as a Geico aunt), and Jan Hoag, who also has many roles in movies and TV shows (you can see them in her IMDb page) and was also recognized publicly as Aunt Joanie.

Geico is not new to involving famous actors in their commercials, as this article on Tuko shows. The Aunts commercial is still one of the favorites on the Internet.

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