Who’s the actor in the old Pepsi Harrier jet commercial?

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The legend spinning around the famous Pepsi commercial released in 1996, promising a Harrier Jet as a possible prize of their promotion, has arrived until today. Especially after the release of the Netflix documentary Pepsi, Where’s My Jet? released in November 2022, telling the whole story of the court case that saw the young citizen John Leonard against Pepsico: a curious battle where Pepsi had to defend its position about the “promise” made by the commercial. People had a renewed curiosity about the actor playing the teenager in that commercial (John Leonard identified himself with him because of his physical resemblance). In this article, we will discover who he is.

You can find the original Pepsi “Harrier Jet” commercial here on Youtube.

Who’s the actor in the old Pepsi Harrier jet commercial?

The actor playing the lucky teenager winning a Harrier jet in the 1996’s Pepsi commercial is the American actor Adam LaVorgna. He is famous as Robbie in the American series 7th Heaven; you can see him in the video below. Do you recognize him?

7th Heaven S04E21- Mary and Robbie "Don't break my heart" - Jessica Biel & Adam LaVorgna

For years people have wondered who that actor was, and it wasn’t easy to find this information. But just recently, after the release of the Netflix documentary, one Reddit user recognized him here, and another one found proof on the Internet that he actually played in the Pepsi commercial: in 2015, the actor posted on Instagram this old interview where they asked him about the experience of playing a teenager who “lands a jet at school.”

Adam LaVorgna was also Nicholas Scamperelli in the sitcom Brooklyn Bridge, and he appeared in some episodes of the series Law & Order and CSI: Miami. In the 90s, he also played in the movies Milk MoneyThe Beautician and the Beast, and I’ll Be Home for Christmas.

Adam LaVorgna was 15 when he played in the Pepsi Harrier jet commercial. Although he already had consistent experience in acting, understandably, he didn’t consider that role a milestone of his career. That’s why the identity of the famous teenager in that commercial remained under the radar for so many years.

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