My Name is Vendetta cast: Sofia is Ginevra Francesconi

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My Name is Vendetta is the action movie released on Netflix in December 2022. Italian production, directed by Cosimo Gomez, the film tells a mafia story that goes through several generations. The cast is mainly composed of Italian actors: the protagonist Santo is interpreted by Allessandro Gassmann (Vittorio Gassman’s son), the boss, Don Angelo, is Remo Girone, and the little girl, who carries on the revenge in the fight between the Franzè and the Lo Bianco families, is the young Ginevra Francesconi, the actress that caught the viewers’ attention more than the others. Let’s discover more about it.

You can watch the official trailer of My Name is Vendetta here on Youtube.

My Name is Vendetta, the cast: meet Ginevra Francesconi, aka Sofia

Ginevra Francesconi is the young Italian actress who plays Sofia in the mafia revenge movie My Name is Vendetta, which was released on Netflix in 2022. When the film was released, she was 19 years old.

Ginevra has been acting in minor roles for Italian movies and TV productions since she was 11. While growing up, she progressively collected more significant parts in her career. In 2019 she played Denise in the Italian horror movie The Nest, directed by Roberto De Feo, and in 2020 she was the protagonist of the film Regina. You will surely recognize her from the movie trailer below.

REGINA - un film di Alessandro Grande, con Francesco Montanari e Ginevra Francesconi

In 2021 Ginevra Francesconi was also one of the main characters in the Italian comedy Genitori vs. Influencer.

So far, Sofia’s role in My Name is Vendetta is her most significant contribution to the world of cinema, representing her official debut in the international cinema context. But the success didn’t go to her head, as she has the intention to continue her studies regularly, like all other girls around her age.

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