Slash is the guitarist in the Capital One commercial

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“The easiest decision in the history of decisions:” that’s the tagline of the Capital One commercial released in 2022, where you are the one deciding which saving bank fits best for you, and the choice is compared to a funny, paradoxical situation. Imagine you are hosting an audition, looking for a good guitarist, and the one playing in front of you is Slash, Guns N’ Roses famous guitarist: yes, the decision would be pretty straightforward. But let’s discover more about who we are talking about, possibly for the youngest generations.

You can watch the Capital One commercial with Slash here on Youtube.

Slash, the guitarist in the audition on the Capital One commercial

The guitarist playing in the audition on the Capital One commercial released in 2022 is Slash, the lead guitarist of the hard rock band Guns N’ Roses. He’s the creator of the famous riff in Sweet Child O’ Mine, the song you hear in the commercial, one of the most famous songs in the history of rock, and one of the most played riffs when learning guitar. You can find it in full streaming below.

Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine (Official Music Video)

Slash was a member of Guns N’ Roses from the beginning until 1996. As their guitarist, he created some of the most popular guitar riffs of history, starting from the hits extracted from the first album Appetite For Destruction: Besides Sweet Child O’ Mine, there are songs like Welcome to the Jungle, Paradise City and Mr. Brownstone. And talking about the albums released afterward, you obviously cannot miss November Rain.

Slash has been considered one of the best guitarists of all time by many specialized music magazines. His style is unmistakable, and if you lived the golden years of Guns N’ Roses, you would have recognized him immediately in the Capital One commercial. Younger generations have different myths, of course, but be aware: Slash is most likely one of the legends worshipped by the guitarists in half of the modern rock bands out there today.

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