Marlow Barkley: the actress in Slumberland and Spirited

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A new star is born, apparently. Marlow Barkley is the young actress playing Nemo in 2022’s Netflix Slumberland with Jason Momoa, and she also plays two roles in the Christmas movie Spirited (2022), Wren and young Carrie. People got curious about this little girl and what to know everything: age, height, parents, previous movies, and future roles. In this article, we will discover everything about her.

You can see her in the Slumberland official trailer here on Youtube.

Who’s Marlow Barkley, the actress in Slumberland and Spirited

Marlow Barkley is a young American actress. As of November 2022, she’s 13 years old. Her most important role so far is the character of Nemo in Slumberland, the Netflix movie with Jason Momoa. Her height is about 5 feet (1.52m), and her parents are a housewife and a principal consultant based in Los Angeles.

Slumberland | Official Teaser | Jason Momoa | Netflix

Among the other movies where she played, we find 2022’s Christmas movie Spirited, where she was Wren and young Carrie. She also played Sophie Cooper in the TV series Single Parents. She also offered her voice in an episode of South Park in 2017.

As for her future roles, in this interview, she revealed she has a part in Tiny Beautiful Things, the Hulu TV series out in 2023. And she’s hoping to be in an eventual Slumberland 2, of course.

You can find the complete list of her roles so far on her IMDB page, and here is her personal Instagram profile.

Photo: Christian Högstedt 

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