Mile 22 explained: is Alice alive? Will we see a sequel?

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Mile 22 is a 2018 movie starring Mark Wahlberg, Iko Uwais, and John Malkovich. The film gained a second wave of popularity after landing on Netflix, and that triggered questions about its possible sequel again. In this article, we will have the movie’s ending explained and provide updated information about the sequel.

You can find the official trailer of Mile 22 here on Youtube.

Mile 22: the ending explained

For the whole movie, the spectator is led to believe that the Overwatch team is scouting an Indonesian double agent, Li Noor, for a flight that would bring him to America. Li is believed to be a spy collaborating with the U.S. secret service, and now he wants to be out of the country.

At the movie’s ending, we discover that Li is actually a “triple agent,” as defined by James Bishop / John Malkovich: his true goal was to activate the Overwatch team so that the Russian secret services could kill all team members. The whole operation is motivated by revenge: the mind behind it is a powerful Russian lady seeking revenge for his dead son, a boy killed by the Overwatch team at the movie’s beginning.

At the film’s ending, we have all events in Mile 22 explained by Agent James Silva / Mark Wahlberg in the debriefing session: the members of the Overwatch team have been reached by Russian and shot. Li stands up in the plane and takes control of it. Bishop / John Malkovich is shot, but we don’t see him die. The same applies to Alice: Silva doesn’t acknowledge her death, and we don’t see her dying with our eyes. And Silva seeks revenge in the movie’s final frame. So the movie’s four main characters, Silva, Alice, Bishop, and Li, could still be alive for the sequel.

Does Alice die in Mile 22?

The movie deliberately avoids a final answer to this question: Alice may still be alive, which leaves the spectators in doubt. The goal is to reveal the answer once fans can watch the movie sequel.

Is the sequel in the works?

As of the beginning of 2022, many reports confirmed that the filming of the sequel of Mile 22 was actually in the works. The filming was then interrupted because of the 2020 pandemic. There has been no updated news so far.

When the movie was released in the theatres, sales were slightly lower than expected. But once Mile 22 landed on Netflix, people became more interested in the film and the possible sequel. There is no official indication about the possible release date because it is not confirmed if the movie filming will be reprised soon. If it does, we don’t expect the movie to be released before 2024.

If the sequel of Mile 22 is completed, surely Mark Wahlberg and Iko Uwais (the actor playing Li Noor) will be part of the cast. And if Bishop and Alice are alive also in the second part of the story, we will see the actors John Malkovich and Lauren Cohan as well.

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