10 effective ways for coping with stress

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Biological stress is a relatively new concept that was discovered by Hans Selye in the 1950s. Yes, the symptoms existed long before that time but only in recent decades researchers managed to help millions of people by understanding the nature of stress and offering ways of coping with it.

Modern life is so fast and demanding that we are stressed and anxious as never before. That is why it is as important as ever to know how to deal with worries on a daily basis whether we are talking about morning rituals, playing at ดาฟาเบท, or meeting with friends over lunch. Below, you will find 10 stress-relief instruments that we use day after day. We hope they’ll help!

1. Establish a daily routine

Having a clear plan for the day significantly reduces stress. Dividing your day into small activities and adding things you enjoy is a great habit. Meditate, do journaling, take breaks, have healthy meals, and find time to relax with a book. There won’t be any room for stress!

2. Do physical exercises

We shouldn’t remind you of how important sports and physical activities are. That is why it’s much better to dedicate 30 minutes a day than to go to a gym from time to time. Choose an activity for your liking whether it is walking, jogging, swimming, hiking, or cycling.

3. Listen to music

Music is a great helper in stressful situations. It has a positive impact on our mental and physical health and can lower pressure and cortisol. The best music to reduce stress is the sounds of nature and the ocean. There are plenty of YouTube channels with music for relaxation and stress relief.

4. Spend time outdoors

Have you noticed how inspiring and calming trips to nature are? Connecting with nature is one of the best ways to ground and relax. And you don’t need to take a week’s vacation to a distant location. A walk in a beautiful park amidst a busy day is also a great option.

5. Drink tea

Caffeine and energy drinks might wake us up in the morning but they may also lift our blood pressure levels and cause extra short-term stress and anxiety. Instead, try green or herbal tea. Apart from having less caffeine, it has theanine and antioxidants which have a positive impact on the nervous system.

6. Develop compassion and empathy

People who help others are actually much happier than those who don’t. Try helping those who are in need either online or offline by donating, giving out clothes, cooking meals, or feeding animals in the streets. Becoming calmer and making the world a better place – a perfect combo.

7. Don’t overuse social media

Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms are no more than a twisted reality where everyone wants to seem better than they are. This may easily cause stress and anxiety, especially when you compare yourself with others. Focus on your own life instead of following people you don’t even know.

8. Connect with others

We are social creatures and always want to connect with people who will understand and accept us. Loneliness may boost anxiety and stress, so one of the best ways to cope with it is to build stronger bonds with others. 

9. Establish a proper work-life balance

Most of us work too much because we feel stressed and worried that we won’t be able to pay the bills and cover the needs of our children. But it is crucial to find time for rest in your daily routine because if not, you might burn out.

10. Get professional help

If none of the tips above is working, we recommend contacting an anonymous helpline or a therapist that knows how to deal with stress. It takes lots of time and resources but the results are totally worth it.

Final thoughts 

The importance of stress management is difficult to underestimate. Stressful situations happen all the time and it is impossible to eliminate them even by moving to a desert island. But we can control our thoughts and reactions by understanding the background of stress and the way our mind and body react. Using the instruments discussed in our article and coping with worries and anxiety will be much simpler. Good luck!